How To Master the Pilates Boomerang One Step at a Time

mat teaching Mar 15, 2020

Boomerang is an advanced Pilates mat exercise where the whole body gets to join in on the fun. When you look at it closely, it combines several famous Pilates positions, like The Hundred, Roll Over, Teaser, and a little bit of Double Leg Kicks.

With so much going on, it's easy to make mistakes. Most people just throw themselves into this exercise without realizing what's happening. 

I love breaking down each skill, position, and step that's needed for a beautiful, controlled Boomerang. When you break down a seemingly unachievable goal into smaller chunks, it becomes do-able all of a sudden. 

Do you know how rewarding it is to have a clear path to achieving a goal? It's a huge relief and makes you feel strong, powerful, and proud of your achievements. Who doesn't want that?

But where do you start?! Let's think about this:

  • Boomerang is a rolling exercise, so any of these exercises are going to be helpful: Rolling Like a Ball, The Roll-Up, Assisted Roll up, Open Leg Rocker, and Neck Pull.
  • You'll actually roll so far that your hips will lift and your legs will move back over your head. Exercises that do this are The Roll Over, Crab, and Seal Puppy.
  • There is a moment in the exercise where you'll pause in the Hundred and later on in the Teaser positions, so make sure to practice those.
  • The arm reach around and behind the body requires lots of shoulder mobility. I recommend you try Rowing on the Reformer, the shoulder stretch series with the thera band, or Reverse Push-Through on the Trapeze Table (Cadillac).
  • The exercise ends with a seated forward fold. Practice Neck Pull, Spine Stretch Forward, and the Saw to lengthen the muscles on your back body (hamstrings, calves, and you back extensors).

If you need more help getting yourself or your students ready for the Boomerang, I invite you to check out Master the Boomerang! I designed this program specifically to prepare your body for this challenging exercise. 


Great, Mara, a perfect build-up to the Boomerang, with so much detail that you can use in so many different mat classes. Now let's practice, practice, practice - myself and with my students to master the last part of it as close as we can get to your image! MANY THANKS


Take a sneak peek at the lessons inside the Course:

This 40-minute program is divided into 13 exercises that will specifically teach you the skills necessary for mastery of the Boomerang, as well as develop the appropriate areas of the body to safely and effectively enjoy this fun, but very challenging exercise.

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