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Pilates Encyclopedia review

Once I signed up I was hooked! The site is perfect for me to dive deeper into the exercises which helps me for the classes I teach.

Angela Horswill

California, USA

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"The vast list of verbal cues is a life-saver for my virtual teaching."

Theres Hergott


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I now know exactly how to plan for my client. I feel competent with what to instruct. Without your website, I would have been doing guesswork and scrambling around on the internet for an age!"

Kate Cunningham

United Kingdom

Hey Pilates teacher, 

Does this sound like you? You’ve mastered your own practice, but when you get to the studio to teach a class, sometimes you get stuck.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Certain exercises don’t make sense (no matter what you do)
  • There’s no “one size fits all” approach for all your different students
  • What works for your body doesn't always work for theirs
  • You need different cues, new imagery, modifications, regressions, and progressions (like, a lot)
  • You’re wondering if certain exercises are safe to do for someone with osteoporosis or other conditions
  • You’re running out of ideas for what to teach in your next class, but you still want to keep it fresh

I know the feeling. This used to be me, too. When I first started teaching Pilates, I had no plan.

  • I didn’t know which exercises to teach.
  • I felt unsure about my class plan.
  • I felt under pressure to deliver a challenging, yet safe class for students of different levels.
  • I had no idea why some of the things I tried worked, but others didn’t. It was complex, and frustrating because there’s SO much to learn.
  • I knew that I could be a much better teacher if I had a clear plan for my classes and understood how to adapt the practice for each individual student.

I spent countless hours over the last 20 years researching how to be a better teacher. I purchased hundreds of books and courses.

Who’s got that sort of time and money?

The information I was using was spread out all over the place, in books, on websites, and in course manuals. They never merged together into a simple solution designed specifically for Pilates teachers.

So yes... I eventually found the answers to all these complex questions, but it took me countless hours… and it wasn’t convenient or easy to do.

That’s why I created Pilates Encyclopedia:

Your one-stop-shop to all things Pilates mastery.

Simply open up our app, and browse the mat or equipment repertoire for a few minutes. Something new and exciting will stand out to you.

You'll find videos and detailed descriptions for over 200 exercises on all apparatuses.

The next time you have a new student on your schedule you can feel confident that your lesson plan will be appropriate.

Quickly consult our library of recommended exercises for every imaginable pathology.

All your teaching questions will be answered inside the Pilates Encyclopedia membership.

Think of it as a Wikipedia for Pilates.

It helps you significantly improve your personal practice and gives you the knowledge you need to help your students.

If you’re a Pilates teacher who’s feeling stuck, lost or confused, unlock your membership today, and start on the path to becoming the best teacher you can be.

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  • Mat Exercise Library
  • Prop Exercise Library
  • Mat Class Planning Template
  • Plug-and-play Mat Sequences
  • Mat Routines
  • Monthly Live Q&As
  • Recordings of all past Q&A



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Everything in the Mat membership, Plus...

  • Reformer Exercise Library
  • Reformer Class Planning Template
  • Plug-and-play Reformer Sequences



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Everything in the Reformer membership, Plus...

  • Cadillac Exercise Library
  • Chair Exercise Library
  • Small and large barrel exercise library
  • Auxiliary apparatus exercise library (Oov, Orbit, Foot Corrector, Pedi-pole)
  • Class planning templates for all apparatus
  • Verbal and tactile cueing tips
  • Recommendations for working with special populations

Included in the Exercise Library

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Videos For Every Exercise

including setup, movement and breathing pattern, modifications, variations, regressions, and progressions.

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Uber-Detailed Alignment Points

to ensure you're doing the exercise correctly.

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Common Mistakes

and how to correct them

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Contraindications and Precautions

Know if it's safe to perform any exercise with a certain condition or pathology.

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Verbal Cues and Imagery Cues

Steal our word-for-word instructions to help your student get the exercise

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Hands-on and Self-tactile Cues

to support those kinesthetic learners

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Plug-and-Play Class Sequences

Our templates and sequencing guidelines help with your day-to-day teaching challenges

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The Mind and Body Behind Pilates Encyclopedia

Pilates Encyclopedia was created by me, Mara Sievers, NCPT, out of the desire to gather everything I’ve learned about Pilates in one place for easy reference.  If only all of the knowledge was available in one place! Now it is - growing daily - and it's available to you as well.

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Who Pilates Encyclopedia is For

Pilates Encyclopedia IS right for you if...

  • You enjoy going down the rabbit hole about one exercise.
  • You want to dramatically reduce the time you spend searching online for an exercise, alignment tip or cue.
  • You are frustrated that information is spread all over the internet, your collection of books and manuals.
  • You don't want to buy another expensive Pilates book or manual, which you won't use because it's never where you need it.
  • You want to be able to ask a follow-up question after or while watching a Pilates exercise video.
  • You enjoy being organized and love details.
  • You struggle with understanding a few exercises, and as a result, never practice or teach them.
  • You're frustrated that your teacher training manual is incomplete and is missing information.
  • You want to focus on the work, not the discussions around it.
  • You could happily discuss the details of one exercise for an hour or more.
  • There are some exercises you just don't get (yet.)
  • You want to do Pilates right.
  • You're tired of contradicting information about each exercise. Who is right?
  • You're curious to learn new exercises or variations.
  • You believe in the magic of the Pilates method in achieving a truly miraculous change in a person's body.

Pilates Encyclopedia is NOT right for you if…

  • You enjoy spending hours sifting through video after video and website after website in search of the one exercise or variation you have a question about, only to never actually find an answer.
  • You rush through your workout just to get it over with.
  • You think more is better.
  • You strictly follow one school's repertoire and are not interested in learning any new creative variations and exercises.
  • You're happy being good enough.
Who Pilates Encyclopedia is not for
Pilates Encyclopedia Review and Testimonial

Theres Hergott 

"I am so happy I found Pilates Encyclopedia. I learn so much and I can integrate your input into my style of teaching much more effectively than after doing a class on Pilates Anytime, where you tend to copy something, but often it feels like it’s not really yourself." 

Pilates Encyclopedia Review and Testimonial

Kristi Paciello

“I have such a huge appreciation for the Pilates Encyclopedia. Being a teacher-in-training, I feel like it's essential to have access to this information. There are so many times I need an answer to a teaching question and the Pilates Encyclopedia tells me the information I need so simply and clearly!”

Pilates Encyclopedia Review and Testimonial

Eleena Toh

Despite the level of detail in my teacher training, I felt I still didn't understand some basics and I got frustrated at the deliverance of material. When I stumbled onto Pilates Encyclopedia, I found the information easily accessible, concise and to the point, which helps clarify the confusion I faced in my practice and self-mastery."

Teach With Clarity, Confidence, and Competence  



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