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"This is a brilliant website and resource. As a teacher it's great to be reminded to come back to intention, intuition, finding space and flow as opposed to forcing clinical execution of form, which doesn't feel as great. I look forward to exploring this website. Thanks for working hard to make this."

Kate Cunnigham

"I have enjoyed the Pilates Encyclopedia very much. As always your instruction and descriptions of each movement are spot on! Each video is very descriptive and easy to follow. After each video I always feel more relaxed and balanced. "

Merrilea, NH, USA

"I was hesitant about jumping right into a Pilates class, so I tried the Pilates from Scratch program (inside the Pilates Encyclopedia.) I signed up and loved it.  It was one simple exercise every day for 21 days.  The videos include very clear demonstrations, and there is also a written explanation that goes with it.  You can do it at your pace wherever and whenever you want.  If you want to do one lesson per day you can.  If you want to skip a day, you can do that as well. It was just what I needed.  Some exercises were a little easier than others, but that’s when I knew the ones that were more challenging I needed to work on more often.  You can always go back and redo the video as often as you want.  I’m loving it."

Suzanne, NH USA

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