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Are You Spending Hours Each Week Preparing Your Classes?

With my ADAPT Pilates™ Workout Template you'll put together a fresh new sequence in 5 minutes or less. For reals! 🥳

"Breaking down the exercises and thinking about them in more depth is hugely beneficial to me! "

Natasha Haresign
Scotland, UK

"I have such a huge appreciation for the Pilates Encyclopedia. Being a teacher-in-training, I feel like it's essential to have access to this information. There are so many times I need an answer to a teaching question and the Pilates Encyclopedia tells me the information I need very simply and clearly! "

Kristi Paciello
Arizona, USA

"What a brilliant website and resource! As a teacher, it's great to be reminded to come back to intention, intuition, finding space and flow as opposed to forcing clinical execution of form, which doesn't feel as great. Thanks for working hard to make this."

Kate Cunnigham
United Kingdom

"I use the Pilates Encyclopedia regularly. The videos with their very detailed explanations are great for covering everything you need to know about each exercise. I like the variations to expand the ones I use already. The class planning section is very useful for giving me new ideas or confirming I am on the right track if I have someone who has a specific goal or injury. "

Wendy Galbraith
Lake Hood Pilates, New Zealand

"Your instruction and descriptions of each movement are spot on! Each video is very descriptive and easy to follow. "

Merrilea Tanner
New Hampshire, USA

Are You Struggling to Teach Challenging, Safe, and Individualized Pilates Classes Each Week?

I get it. How about this?

  • Are you spending more time preparing your classes than actually teaching them?
  • Are you tired of spending hours researching precautions and contraindications of an exercise?
  • Do you wish you could take more continuing education courses but don't have the time or money for it?
  • Do you wish you could ask follow-up questions after watching a Pilates video?
  • Are you frustrated that your teacher training program left gaps in your knowledge?
  • Do you wish you had a mentor or coach to cheer you on and support you on your Pilates journey?


If you have answered "Yes" to two or more of these questions, then our membership is exactly what you need.


Deconstructing Pilates

Each month we analyze one exercise from the Pilates repertoire. First, we look at what should be happening in the exercise regarding planes of motion, joint range of motion, muscle activation, and kinetic chains.

Then we discuss the most common mistakes, how to recognize them, and finally, how to correct them.


Is Your Pilates Career Financially and Spiritually Rewarding?

  • Fill your classes
  • Fill your schedule
  • Make more money
  • Get students who "get" it
  • Take time off
  • Earn enough to pay for continuing education
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Become a Comprehensively Certified Pilates Teacher

We offer a unique hybrid teacher training program. Study online, practice at a local partner studio.


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ADAPT Pilates™ Workout Template

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