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All Pilates Exercises in One Place.


All Pilates Exercises in One Place

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Exercise Library

Find verbal and tactile cues, contraindications and precautions, regressions and progressions, common faults and detailed setup for each of 300 exercises and variations. 

Lesson Planning

Be prepared for anything and anyone with our lists of exercises for specific movement goals or problems, such as low bone density, spine conditions, pregnancy and many more. 

Effective Teaching

Get confident about choosing, adapting and modifying each exercise for the person in front of you.

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Are you excited about teaching Pilates but overwhelmed by the expectation of delivering challenging, safe, effective and individualized sessions each week?

Are you spending more time preparing your classes than actually teaching them?

  • Are you tired of spending hours researching precautions and contraindications of an exercise?
  • Are you fed up searching for hours through Facebook groups, Google search results and Youtube videos without finding the specific, reliable answer you were looking for?
  • Are you unsure which exercises are safe to do with Osteoporosis, an ACL injury, low back or neck pain, etc.?
  • Do you wish you could take more continuing education courses but don't have the time or money for it?
  • Do you wish you could ask follow-up questions after watching a Pilates video?
  • Are you frustrated that your teacher training manual only fills in half the information and you're left with gaps in your knowledge?
  • Do you wish you had a mentor or coach to cheer you on and support you on your Pilates journey?


If you have answered "Yes" to two or more of these points,

Then Pilates Encyclopedia is For You!

Teach The Perfect Class
Every Time

✔️Search the complete Pilates repertoire for a specific exercise or application.

✔️Learn correct alignment and form,  breathing pattern, common mistakes, and contraindications for each exercise.

✔️Works beautifully and seamlessly on your phone, tablet, and computer. We even have our own app for iOS and Android.

✔️Seek clarification via the comment section at the bottom of each exercise.


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Get Support When You Need It

✔️Connect with your peers in our community forum, we even have a book club. You can trust our members. We're not a community of strangers like on Facebook.

✔️️Ask questions and get personalized help by Mara Sievers, NCPT and founder of Pilates Encyclopedia.

✔️Find inspiration by exploring exercises and variations you've never tried before.

✔️We include all lineages, schools, and methods. We don't differentiate between different styles. We want to learn all of the different ways to perform the exercises and make decisions according to the person we're working with.

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"I was watching the video of Pelvic Clock on a busy bus earlier. It made me break down the exercise and think about it in more depth which is hugely beneficial to me! It's so lovely to feel welcomed to ask questions."

Natasha Haresign
Scotland, UK

"I have such a huge appreciation for the Pilates Encyclopedia. When I was just a student of Pilates, I thought it was a good idea, but being a teacher-in-training now, I feel like it's essential to put this information out there. There are so many times I need an answer to a teaching question and the encyclopedia tells me the information I need very simply and clearly! "

Kristi Paciello
Arizona, USA

"This is a brilliant website and resource. As a teacher it's great to be reminded to come back to intention, intuition, finding space and flow as opposed to forcing clinical execution of form, which doesn't feel as great. I look forward to exploring this website. Thanks for working hard to make this."

Kate Cunnigham
United Kingdom

"I use the Encyclopedia regularly, and love the cueing emails. The videos with their very detailed explanations are great for covering everything you need to know about each exercise. I like the variations to expand the ones I use already. The programming and sequencing section is very useful for giving me new ideas or confirming I am on the right track if I have someone who has a specific goal or injury. "

Wendy Galbraith
Lake Hood Pilates, New Zealand

"I think the Pilates Encyclopedia is an excellent resource and well done. I particularly appreciate the push notices and blog entries that come to my inbox as it helped me stay connected to the new resources available. "

Vicki Patric
New Hampshire

"I have enjoyed the Pilates Encyclopedia very much. As always your instruction and descriptions of each movement are spot on! Each video is very descriptive and easy to follow. After each video I always feel more relaxed and balanced. "

Merrilea Tanner
New Hampshire, USA

"I was hesitant about jumping right into a Pilates class, so I tried the Pilates from Scratch program (inside the Pilates Encyclopedia.) I signed up and loved it.  It was one simple exercise every day for 21 days.  The videos include very clear demonstrations, and there is also a written explanation that goes with it.  You can do it at your pace wherever and whenever you want.  If you want to do one lesson per day you can.  If you want to skip a day, you can do that as well. It was just what I needed.  Some exercises were a little easier than others, but that’s when I knew the ones that were more challenging I needed to work on more often.  You can always go back and redo the video as often as you want.  I’m loving it."

Suzanne Kenney
New Hampshire, USA

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