Glossary of Pilates Terms

news Oct 30, 2019

Do you speak Pilates? In Pilates classes and videos, some common terms pop up again and again. Maybe it's a certain bone or muscle. You know you've heard of it, but where is it again? 

Maybe when the teacher says to find a "prone" position you look around to see what everyone else doing? No worries! We've all been there. 

Within the Pilates Encyclopedia, you'll now find a glossary of common Pilates terms.



Even if you're a seasoned practitioner or teacher, it's nice to give these terms another look to make sure we're all on the same page. 

The best part is that the glossary will continue to grow. If you have questions about any terms you've heard, leave a comment and we'll add it!  



Prefer to download a free PDF of the Glossary? You got it! 



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