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Pilates suspenders ribs to hips

Put Your Suspenders On

teaching skills Apr 09, 2016

Pilates often uses imagery to explain or improve a movement. Our mind and our body must communicate to create any and every movement, and images are a handy shortcut between the two.  

You might have heard the image of suspenders before (braces if you live in the UK or AUS). you might have heard or used the expression "ribs to hips." I like using the cue "put your suspenders on" or "remember your suspenders" because it quickly reminds my students of their spinal alignment and abdominal activity in one quick phrase.

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I'm explaining it in this video: 

Some more tips for your Pilates suspenders:

  • Don't allow your torso to round forward. The suspender action should bring you into an upright position.
  • If you're unsure about your vertical line, check your posture in a mirror.
  • Don't work too hard at this. Less is more in Pilates. Otherwise, you might be creating tightness in your shoulders or neck, or you might be tucking your pelvis.



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