The Cueing Cure


How Pilates Teachers Can Dramatically Improve Their Verbal Cueing Skills In The Next 30 Days Without Reinventing the Wheel Even If You’re a Brand New Teacher 

30-Day Virtual Cueing Bootcamp


Walk away knowing exactly what to say during your classes so you feel calm and confident that your students advance in their practice

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"I felt it was very personable and Mara was truly interested in helping me succeed."

Alisa Cartright

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"I feel my cueing is very different from before the Bootcamp! It was great! Loved the feedback when I sent my script, made me understand what I’ve been doing wrong, using too many words that were unnecessary."

Tracy Fuller
Natural Fitness and Therapies (UK)

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"It was really interesting to go through this process. I think that the language we use to teach has a big influence on our ways to cue."

Celine Gomez

"In times of online teaching, verbal cueing is extremely important."

Theres Herrgott


Do You Sometimes Struggle With Your Verbal Cues in Your Pilates Classes?

Is your voice tired every night after a day of teaching?

Do you suspect you might be over cueing and overwhelming your clients with instructions?

Are your students constantly looking at you, the screen, or the person next to them to know what they are supposed to be doing?

Do your students never remember what you teach them? Does it feel like you're starting over every single week?

Do you feel like you have to repeat yourself a thousand times for them to get it?

Are you unsure whether your student is unable to do the movement the way you ask her to, or if she just doesn't understand you?

Are you afraid of pushing your clients too hard out of fear of hurting them?

Are your students complaining that your classes are too easy, but it's just that they're not doing it correctly? Are you wondering how to get them to feel what you feel?

Do you not know how to react when someone in your class has a pathology that you don't have any experience with?

Are you unsure of what to say when someone complains of pain in your class?


You are not alone.

Wouldn't it be amazing to...

Know the exact words and phrases for each movement so well that you don't even have to think about them anymore

Get better at explaining exercises and movement

Teach better zoom classes

Get better results with your students

Help your clients move better & more efficiently

Progress your students more quickly

Keep your students engaged and inspired

Gain confidence and reduce anxiety and stress around teaching

Know when you challenge your students too much or too little

Keep students of different levels happy in the same class

Enjoy teaching much more

Learn My Proven and  Simple Three-Step Cueing Formula That's Clear and Concise Even For Your Beginner Students

Many newish Pilates teachers think they need to come up with new and creative ways to describe movement in each class. They try to be clever, creative, and precise. They think they're "stealing" when they use phrases, imagery, or variations they've seen someone else use. Does this sound like you? I encourage you to think about it differently. There are three phases in the development from beginner to master. They are: 

  1. Imitation
  2. Integration
  3. Innovation

When you're just starting out, it's not only okay, it's best to repeat exactly what your teacher or someone you admire says. Copy their exact words. Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery? There is really no need to reinvent the wheel at this stage.

That's what you'll learn in this Bootcamp. At the end of the 30-days, you'll feel comfortable and successful cueing any movement you want.


Learn Exactly What To Say And What NOT To Say To Help Your Clients Move Better


Hi, I'm Mara Sievers, a nationally certified Pilates teacher (NCPT), creator of Pilates Encyclopedia, and former studio owner. I’ve taught literally thousands of classes and private sessions over the past 14 years, teaching between 20-40 classes each week.

At one point, I had a 6-month waitlist at my studio, because everyone and their neighbor wanted to work with me. There are many skills that contribute to being considered a great teacher, but verbal cueing is definitely one of the most important ones.


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Here's some feedback I received after teaching my mat class at the 2019 annual PMA meeting in Monterey, CA:


"Thank you so much. :) Your mat class is so amazing!"

"Really loved your class. Great cueing. Really felt great after class. Thank you."

"Mara set the tone for a perfect morning workout! Her class was informative and very precise!"

"One of the best classes I’ve ever taken."

"Very good class. She teaches which body part goes with the movement. You have to think about it and focus on what you’re doing. Very intense but good and clear about she’s teaching."

"She was wonderful! I would highly recommend her! She has a soothing voice and knows how to make us center."

"Improving efficiency was LOVELY!!! Thank you, Mara, for slowing down the movement and allowing for more efficient and effective spinal mobility!"

"Loved the concepts and the building blocks for spinal mobility."

"She was beautiful in her knowledge and depth of spinal mobility. Excellent."

"I felt amazing after this class! Such great sequencing - preparing each body part for the next motion. Thank you!!"

"Tell her to come next year and teach more."


In The Next 4 Weeks You Will ...

  • Build your teaching vocabulary so you never feel at a loss for words again

  • Learn new ways of describing movement so you're not saying the same thing all the time

  • Get rid of your bad cueing habits and exchange them with powerful action words that bring out the best in your students

  • Know exactly what to say when your students are ignoring your cues

  • Reduce your clients' pain and discomfort

  • Help your clients move better & more efficiently, gain core strength, and excel at sports

  • Progress your students more quickly

  • Get rave reviews from your students and friend referrals

  • Keep your students engaged and inspired which keeps them coming back to your classes for years 

  • Hear from your students how much they loved your class

  • Enjoy teaching much more by gaining confidence and reduce anxiety around teaching

  • Know when you challenge your students too much or too little

  • Keep students of different levels happy in the same class

  • Introduce Pilates to beginners in a way that they get it right from the start


In this 30-day Bootcamp, we won't just be talking. It's not just theory. You'll get homework assignments immediately, so you'll start to see results right from the get-go. Believe me, this process works. 

Here's How It Works


Each week starts with a training lesson. Watch it live or recorded any time you like, and as often as you want.

You can comment, ask questions, and interact with me in other to understand and implement each lesson.

There will be homework after each call, to get you into action and see results.

  1. Week 1 - The Single Most Effective Tool To Improve Your Verbal Cueing: The Teaching Script
  2. Week 2 - Dos and Don'ts of Verbal Cueing: What to Say and What Not To Say
  3. Week 3 - Use Your Words, Expand Your Vocabulary
  4. Week 4 - Pace, Rhythm, and Flow of Verbal Cueing: Your Voice and Breath
  5. Bonus Week 5 - Ask The Right Questions


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"I love you, your enthusiasm about teaching and helping us becoming a better teachers."

Theres Herrgott (Austria)

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"My key takeaways from the Cueing Cure Bootcamp were the importance of saying less, how to be more precise, and to avoid negative cueing. I learned a lot from Mara's tips and from the experience of the other teachers. I used some advice in my virtual class yesterday and it worked well with my clients."

Céline Goumaz (Switzerland)

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"For someone who struggled to be comfortable with silent time in my classes, it was great to know that it's OK to be quiet. I've been in the field for a long time and have studied different cueing so nothing was new but it was nice to hear my thoughts reiterated. Mara is very intelligent, honest, and relatable."

Deb Dodge (MN, USA)

Your Investment

You'll need to spend about 2 hours each week listening to the training calls and doing the homework assignments. You get to keep access to the course materials forever.

This Bootcamp is only for people who want to make a real difference in their student’s bodies and minds through your words.

Teaching (Virtual) Classes Will Be Much Easier



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