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Connecting the Upper Body to the Core

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Seated Push-Through on the Trapeze Table is a great way to get the spine and shoulders moving, and your core activated. There are so many good reasons to practice this exercise like improved thoracic flexion, shoulder strength, and hamstring flexibility to name a few. 

A major benefit that often gets overlooked is the opportunity to strengthen the connection of the upper extremities into the core. 

Seated Push-Through provides a great opportunity to feel this important connection because, in this exercise, we press the bar down with really straight elbows. This activates the shoulder stabilizers and upper abdominals. Try it. Bending the elbows even just a little bit will interrupt the line of tension through the upper extremities. This means your arms will do all the work, and your shoulders and core won't get any of the benefit. How sad.

In the Pilates Encyclopedia, we dive into every tiny detail of this exercise to help you and/or your students find the upper body-core connection.

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