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Upper Extremity Integration with the Pedipole


Many people new to Pilates know that this method strengthens their core. They often don’t realize that Pilates looks at every body part from every direction. Pilates teachers often find it frustrating, that the method gets reduced to “just” core, when it can do so much more. (And I love when it rhymes).

I’ve heard it explained that Pilates is core-centered. Your core is the part that connects the upper extremities (head, neck shoulders and arms) with the lower extremities (feet, ankles, knees, legs and pelvis). So - Pilates exercises try to integrate the core into every movement we do. It’s about becoming whole. Joseph Pilates’ principles introduced in his book “Return to life” were Whole Body Commitment, Whole Body Health, as well as Breath.

The Pedipole is an excellent tool to teach you just that. It’s one of the many Pilates exercises that are incredibly functional. You’re standing up straight focusing on maintaining your ideal posture and then you pull down on the handles - all while maintaining balance in front of an unmounted Pedipole.

Breathing is of course important here as well. A good exhalation will trigger your abdominals to pull the rib cage down, hence connecting the ribcage with the pelvic bowl and giving your spine stability. The breath will also help you make the movement fluid, instead of jerky. 

Watch the video and see how you can improve your upper extremity core integration, while improving your posture and whole body health.


Everything in life is about balance,


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