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How to Keep the Work in Your Glutes in Parakeet on the Trapeze Table

Parakeet, also called Mini Reverse Tower or Shoulder Roll Down, strengthens the posterior chain and improves hip extension. 

This one is all about your butt. Try as best as you can to use your core and glutes. Otherwise, your hamstrings, calves, arches, feet, back, and neck will take over. To keep the work where it belongs, keep these tips in mind: 

  • If your calves or arches of your feet are cramping, that means that either they are weak or that they are working extra hard to compensate for weak glutes and hamstrings. Imagine pulling the bar with your hips, not your feet.
  • Keep the hips in as much extension as possible.
  • Teachers: make sure you're pulling the bar in towards the student's feet rather than pushing the bar away. 

Are you going to practice or teach Parakeet this week? What are your favorite tips for this exercise? 

In the Pilates Encyclopedia, we look at every detail of Parakeet, from head to toe, to help you get the maximum benefit from this exercise.



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