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day in the life of a pilates instructor

Life as a Pilates Instructor: Andrea Chesek of Proper Pilates in Peachtree City, GA

interviews Jun 16, 2021

Here's another in a series of conversations I had with Pilates instructors and studio owners about life as a Pilates instructor.

These honest conversations are a way to gain insight into what life is like as a Pilates teacher. If you're considering becoming a Pilates teacher, these conversations don't hold back. They prepare you for what you have to know.


These are some of the highlights from our conversation:

  • It's good to gather experience working for a studio before opening up your own. It makes you feel confident about your teaching before you take on that responsibility of your own business.
  • Teaching private sessions has a different energy than teaching group classes. You might enjoy one more than the other. Private sessions offer a much deeper level of individualization and you get to know your students better.
  • In a group class, you're going to get better at what you're already good at. And in private sessions, you're going to get better at what you're not good at.
  • It's easier for students to cheat in a group class than a private session.
  • For many Pilates teachers, being with people is their favorite part of this profession. Most of us are drawn to help people in need.
  • Teaching Pilates takes 110% of your energy and your concentration. It can be very tiring.
  • Creativity in teaching is a wonderful thing, but too much creativity can slow your student's progress.
  • Why we can sometimes be too critical with our students. 


Watch or listen here:


To get in touch with Andrea, visit their studio website at

Now I want to hear from you: What's your favorite and least favorite part of being a Pilates instructor? Shoot me an email.

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