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Pilates Mat Exercises Using a Wall

Pilates Mat Exercises Using a Wall

class planning Apr 11, 2020

Using a wall for your workout is a smart way to get feedback about your alignment. Anchoring your feet, your hands or your back against a stable non-moving surface is called a closed-chain environment and is the most helpful way to increase proprioception in the body, which in turn makes you understand the exercise better and you can execute it more correctly. Consequently, you'll get more out of the exercise, better benefits. See now, why it's so smart to workout with a wall.

If you don’t have wall space, you can use a closed (locked) door instead.


  • Bridging with feet up the wall (Tower)


  • Sit w/ both feet as flat as possible against the wall
    • Spine Stretch Forward
    • Spine Twist
    • Saw


  • Side Balance press feet against the wall for flat surface
  • Side Kicks front back flex point > up down


  • Facing away from the wall: step one foot back, extend all the way, place foot flat on the wall, toes pointing straight down: extend opposite arm forward. Progress to same arm.
  • Kneeling lunge rectus femoris stretch: place back shin up the wall (that’s a very intense stretch)
  • Plank with both heels against the wall


  • Shoulder flexion (reach arms forward and up without letting your bra strap come away from the wall)
  • Goal Post (reach your arms straight forward, bend your elbows 90 degrees so your fingers are now pointing to the ceiling, slowly open your arms to the wall. Try to touch your wrists to the wall without letting your bra strap pull away from the wall.
  • Roll down: Begin with your feet a foot away from the wall; slowly peel one vertebra at a time away from the wall as you roll down. Roll back up slowly, segmentally rolling through each vertebra. Progress by walking your feet closer to the wall.
  • Wall squat
  • Figure 4 Stretch with both buttocks leaning against the wall
  • Standing Scooter (press one foot against the wall facing into room, isometric hold)
  • Stand facing wall, lift one leg forward and place foot against wall (strengthens standing leg glutes)


Download a PDF of this exercise list here


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