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Pilates Improves our Everyday Activities

One of the greatest benefits of practicing Pilates is how much it helps us in our daily lives. It can help us tackle our favorite hiking or biking trail, but it also helps in much smaller everyday activities. 

For example, maybe you can now sit at your desk for hours with improved posture and less strain in your upper body. How awesome is that? 

Pilates can even help with something seemingly simple like getting up from a chair. Many people tend to lean way forward and use their arms to hoist themselves upward. Pilates gives us many exercises that can improve this movement. Take Squats on the Trapeze Table for instance. 

The support from the springs helps us keep weight on the heels. This allows us to trigger glutes instead of hip flexors, who are always so willing to jump in and take over. The trick is to keep the torso totally upright. It can help to imagine you’re leaning your back against a wall and you're sliding up and down it.

Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments below. 

In the Pilates Encyclopedia, we dive into every tiny detail of this exercise to help you and/or your students squeeze every ounce of benefit from it. 

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