Pilates Exercises for Ankle Stability and Mobility

class planning Nov 07, 2018

Ankles that are flexible and strong are key to preventing injuries, falls, and compensations up the kinetic chain.

Here is a list of Pilates exercises for ankle mobility:

Find ankle stability exercises further down the page.

  • Side Kicks: Front+Back with point/flex ankle movement
  • Leg Pull Front with point/flex ankle movement
  • Plantar flexion + dorsiflexion with thera band
  • Heel Raises > Plie-Releve
  • Inversion/Eversion with thera band
  • Ankle circles
  • Ankle Circles with thera band
  • Footwork: point+flex > single leg
  • Elephant: improves dorsiflexion
    • Elephant: single leg variation
    • Elephant: walking variation
  • Monkey
  • Side Splits: by keeping the outer edges of the feet pressed down, the lateral ankle stretches and the inner arches lift
  • Jumping: improves dorsiflexion by emphasizing the heels down; improves plantar flexion by pressing away from the board
 Trapeze Table / Tower
  • Footwork: point+flex > single leg
  • Punching+Lunges: improves dorsiflexion
  • Squats > single leg: improve dorsiflexion
 Spine Corrector
  • Standing Calf Stretch in the wall


Here is a list of Pilates exercises for ankle stability:

  • Balance on a half roller: foot lengthwise on the roller (fast forward to 11:45 in the video)
  • Side Plank: by keeping the outer ankle of the bottom foot hovering off the ground, you strengthen the lateral ankle which helps correct supination and inversion
  • Stand on block
  • Standing Balance: on one foot
  • Wobble Board: balance on one foot or two feet
  • Footwork: point+flex with pinky ball between heels to prevent inversion
  • Feet in Straps: Single Leg Stretch with opposite strap
 Trapeze Table / Tower
  • Standing Leg Springs
  • Footwork: Bend+Stretch with the feet in plantarflexion the whole time or with the feet in dorsiflexion the whole time
  • Footwork: point+flex with pinky ball between heels to prevent inversion
  • Hip Hike


You'll find video tutorials and detailed descriptions for all of these exercises,  inside the Pilates Encyclopedia membership

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