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Peak Pilates MVe Reformer

My Review of the Peak Pilates MVe Reformer

product reviews Jun 07, 2023

Peak’s MVe Reformer is ideal for those looking for a group class Reformer, and are practicing a mostly classical repertoire. If you’re Peak trained and want a stackable Reformer that maximizes your space, then this could be a great option for you.

The MVe series by Peak Pilates was created with the intention of making the most of a small space. The MVe Reformer and MVe Chair can be stacked in order to make room for mat classes. This means you could offer small group classes without the need for a huge space (goodbye pricey overhead). Just move the equipment you’re not using out of the way. (Stacking Reformers will require two people. Ask your students to help). 

It comes with two sturdy handles on each end, which gives you a good grip for lifting and stacking the MVe Reformer. The wheels on one end make moving it around your space a breeze.


The Foot Bar

  • The foot bar has four different height adjustments: high, medium, low and down (none)
  • It's possible to move the foot bar up and down with your feet (for classical transitions).
  • The foot bar is mounted in a fixed position, so it can’t be moved closer or further away from the standing platform.

When the foot bar is in the down position, it partly covers the standing platform. But there is luckily a way to work around that for exercises, such as Side Splits. Simply drop the metal bar that usually holds the bar in its brackets down and let it dangle between the gear bar and frame. This way the platform is clear and you'll have enough room for your whole foot (granted it's still narrow). 👇



This Reformer comes with 5 springs with different resistance levels.

  • One red = heavy 
  • Two yellow = standard
  • Two blue = light
  • Optional: green (= extra light) springs are available for this Reformer and can be ordered separately; I would highly recommend exchanging one blue or yellow spring for a green spring for maximum adaptability.

I can't swear by this, because the springs on the machine I tested weren't brand new, but judging from my experience Peak springs are roughly the strength of Balanced Body springs. 

The spring bar has 4 gears with the following settings: -1, 1, 2 and 3 👇

The higher the number, the more distance between the carriage and the standing platform, so the taller the client, the higher the number, to allow more room for i.e. long legs for tall people. 

When adjusting the gear, don't forget to move the carriage stopper to the same setting. (Gear set to 1 in picture above and stopper set to 1 in picture below. It's a match, yippee!)

The head rest has the usual 3 settings: down, middle and high. 👇

The shoulder blocks can fold flat. They need to fold flat for stacking, but it’s also a nice option if you want to create more space for your legs in seated positions, for example. The mechanism to do that is very quick (just pull a lever).

The length of the ropes can be adjusted via the typical cam cleats (see pic above 👆🏽). It’s totally doable, just takes a bit of time (and sadly we often don’t want to take that time in a class or session).

It comes with double loops which can either be stored over the shoulder blocks or on to horizontal pins just outside of the shoulder blocks.

The pulley risers at the end of the frame have two settings: down and 3 ¼ inches elevated. The down position is needed for stacking and is what many purists prefer. The elevated position is not as high as on other Reformer models. It gives you a little bit more range of motion for Feet in Straps, but you won’t be able to pull your legs down as far as on a Reformer with 6 inch risers.

The carriage sits at a height of 16”, which is very comfortable. The only exception are standing exercises, such as Scooter. For someone 5’6” or shorter, it’ll require a small cushion to stand on. The moon box is too high, just a 2 inch cushion is preferable so that the knee can clear the carriage. With the knee on the carriage, the pelvis is not level.

Of course, it comes with a foot strap for exercises such as the Short Box Series.

Optionally, you can purchase a Reformer box, jumpboard, head rest cushion and tower for even more options.

Lastly, be aware that this Reformer model only comes in black upholstery. No fancy colors, sorry.

Hope this review was helpful for you. CLICK HERE to read our other Pilates apparatus reviews.


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