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Side Kick Series on Pilates Spine Corrector

Make the Glutes Work (Instead of the Thighs) in Side Kick Series on Spine Corrector

exercise tutorials Sep 18, 2019

Side Kick Series on the Spine Corrector effectively improves hip dissociation, which is the ability to move the legs while keeping the spine and pelvis still. It also strengthens the lateral hip stabilizers, which we especially appreciate when we need balance for walking, running, hiking, and the list goes on...

It's very similar to the mat version, except it's even more challenging. Because of the way the arc supports the side waist (like the pocket of air should), the top QL is being lengthened. This moves all the effort purely into the lateral hip muscles. Give it a try and you'll see how true this is!

Remember to make your glutes work, not your thighs. These tips can help:

  • Try turning your heel up and your toes down to target your glutes and turn off your hip flexors.
  • Lengthen through your heel.
  • Avoid letting your left hip hike up to your waist.
  • Reach the leg longer the higher you lift it.

Are you going to practice or teach Side Kick Series this week? What are your favorite tips for this exercise? 

In the Pilates Encyclopedia, we look at every detail of Side Kick Series, from head to toe, to help you get the maximum benefit from this exercise.


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