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Standing Arm Work Facing Out on Pilates Trapeze Table

How to Maintain Control of Standing Arm Work Facing Out on Trapeze Table

exercise tutorials Oct 16, 2019

Standing Arm Work Facing Out strengthens the shoulder stabilizers and arms. It also improves core control by strengthening the oblique abdominals. 

But we can't get any of these benefits if we lose control of the movement.

How do you know if control is lost? Allowing the momentum of the springs to pull your arms backward is the first sign. This could likely be accompanied by allowing the shoulder blades to retract when opening the arms. You might also see ribs flaring and the back arching. No good! 

How can we fix this? These tips can help:

  • Resist the springs as your arms move back. It works better if you slow down.
  • Keep your front ribs connected.
  • Keep your suspenders on.
  • Keep your shoulder blades wide when opening the arms.
  • For teachers: Place your palm in between your student’s shoulder blades and ask her to keep her shoulder blades away from your hand on the return.

Are you going to practice or teach Standing Arm Work Facing Out this week? What are your favorite tips for this exercise? 

In the Pilates Encyclopedia, we look at every detail of Standing Arm Work Facing Out, from head to toe, to help you get the maximum benefit from this exercise.



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