Pilates External Hip Rotation

Pilates Exercises To Improve External Hip Rotation

class planning Feb 24, 2018

Hip external rotation is the movement of the hip joint on the transverse plane. The femur rotates laterally, away from the midline. The greater trochanter moves posteriorly. It's a clockwise rotation.

The normal range of motion is 45 degrees.

Due to our habitual patterns and lifestyle, most people have better external rotation and less internal rotation range. Ideally, both are 45 degrees.

Strong rotator muscles are important to stabilize the pelvis on top of the femur during walking and other one leg balance exercises.

This list includes exercises that improve external rotation of the hip joint either by lengthening the internal rotators or by strengthening the external rotators.

Trapeze Table / Tower
  • Hip Opener
  • Side Lying Leg Springs: Passé
  • Thighs in Straps (springs assist external rotation and flexion)
  • Sleeper: Hip Opener variation
  • Feet in Straps: Frogs, Frog Kicks
  • Footwork: Wide V, Narrow V on balls of feet or heels
  • Lying Flat: Frogs
  • Seated Leg Pump Side Sit
  • Standing Leg Pump From Side V-Position
  • Side Lunges and Sideways Step Down
  • Piano Lesson
  • Footwork: Double Leg Pumps V-Position (Pilates V) or Wide V
  • Pliés
  • Bent Knee Opening
  • Prone Leg Lifts in external rotation
  • Clams


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