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How To Offer Affordable AND Individualized Pilates Sessions To Your Clients

career advice Nov 11, 2020

How can you help more students get exactly the results that they want? And better yet, how can you help more students without burning yourself out in the process?

Most Pilates instructors that I talk to are compassionate and empathic people, and I'm sure that's true of you, too. I know you wish you could support every one of your students with a customized practice because that's where the magical powers of the Pilates method lie. 

How frustrating is it that the students who need private sessions the most are often the ones who aren't in a position to spend money on it! You know that individualized lessons are the best way to help your students, but the sad truth is that the high cost of private sessions is a huge problem in Pilates.  

I have spent years mulling this problem over and was determined to find a way to give each of my students a customized practice WHILE keeping it affordable. Before I sold my studio, I implemented a system that worked beautifully in accomplishing these two goals.

Keep reading and I'll show you exactly how it's possible. 

How Did Joe Teach Pilates?

According to the Pilates elders, when you showed up at Joe's studio, he assessed your posture, and then he taught you a few exercises. After a few visits like that, you were on your own. He had posters on the wall showing the exercises and you would have to remember them and do your own practice. He and his wife Clara would correct you and challenge you when necessary.

Our modern-day experience of Pilates is quite different. In a private session, your teacher tells you exactly what to do every step (and breath) of the way. It's customized, but expensive. A class is more affordable. You still hear the teacher's verbal waterfall, but you're doing a practice that's not customized for you.

There are two big differences between Joe's Pilates and ours:

  • A lack of ownership of your body.
  • The need for a choice between affordable and customized.

What if there was a way to revive Joe's concept today? To make Pilates customized AND affordable, again?

I’ve done exactly that in my studio. The results were amazing. It was so rewarding for me as a teacher. And so much easier to teach!

The Open Studio Model: How It Works

Here's how I implemented an Open Studio model in my studio. When a new student started with me, I taught her individually for 4 weeks. I taught her exercises that I specifically chose for her. Exercises that would get her the results she was looking for, whether it was to get out of pain, improve athletic ability, or anything else she needed. I taught her how to use the equipment on her own. After she was fairly comfortable with her exercises and the equipment setup, she'd come into a group session and practice on her own under my supervision. Each student in the room was working on her own individual program, but I was there to answer questions and correct form. 

Why You and Your Students Will Love It

You'll no longer have to look at a group class and know that the exercise you're about to teach isn't ideal for one of them. You'll know that every exercise is perfect for each person. Every drop of your time, energy, and effort will be directly helping someone achieve their goals. This model will free up some of your time, make more money, and help your students achieve their goals faster. Yay, yay, and yay!!

Your students will have an individualized practice at a group class price. They will learn to take ownership of their practice which will help them apply what they've learned to their daily life (when you're not standing there to correct their form.) They will make real, noticeable changes in their bodies and will finally reach their goals. 

Are You Ready To Set Up Your Pilates Business For More Joy And Cuccess?

It actually took me two attempts to be successful at implementing the Open Studio model at my studio. I had tried it once about a year or two prior without success. I know now why it didn't work the first time and I can support you avoid those mistakes. 

If you're considering an Open Studio model, I invite you to hop on a quick call with me on which I'll ask you a few questions that will help you decide whether it's a good idea in your situation with your type of clientele. 

I can guide you through the process to make sure you are prepared for any difficult situation that might come up along the way - and you bet they will. I can tell you what you need to communicate to your students to get your people on board and give you the confidence to move forward with it. 

I'd love to talk with you to help you decide if this is possible for you in your studio. 

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