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Unveiling Your Pilates Studio: Clearly Communicate What You Have To Offer

career advice Jun 18, 2024

Imagine you've never taken a Pilates class yet are intrigued by social media reels highlighting what
seems to be a kickass workout.

You're excited to try it but don't know where to start. You head to the internet and do a quick search
for "Pilates studios near me."

You happily find that there are dozens of studios in your area, and they all look impressive—beautiful
photos of beautiful people on beautiful equipment.

How do you choose?

You head to the reviews. Five stars for each one. Again, how do you choose??

Frustrated and overwhelmed, you base your decision on convenience and choose the studio a few
blocks over.

Excited for your first session, you bounce in, ready to suffer and sweat, only to be hit by an instant
calm sensation—the vibe is chill. People are quietly working out, concentrating intensely, and moving

Hmmm... this doesn't look like what you saw on Instagram.

Your friendly instructor greets you with a smile and leads you to the Reformer. She kindly shows you
how to lie down and then takes you through 45 minutes of slow, precise movements, concentrating
on breathing and proper alignment.

You feel good afterward, but it wasn't what you thought it would be; you expected more. You didn't
really break a sweat, and not once did anyone mention exercising on a wall.

You leave feeling confused and a little disappointed, deciding that Pilates isn't what it's hyped up to

You never go back.

In the above scenario, everyone loses.

The studio loses a potential client, the eager novice loses out on what could have been a great Pilates
experience, and Pilates loses a championing voice.

All because of the lack of one simple yet powerful tool: Communication.

Had the studio been clear in communicating its unique offerings, the enthusiastic first timer might
have come in with different expectations or chosen an alternative studio that better suited her needs.

In either case, the outcome would have been better.

The secret weapon for studio owners isn't just about what your studio has to offer; it's about how
clearly and effectively you let your customers know about it.

Since its onset in the early 20th century, Pilates has gained widespread popularity. With that
popularity, regardless of where your commitment to tradition stands, we can't ignore that it has
evolved into various forms and styles.

Aside from the hybrid forms of fusion classes such as PiYo (yoga), Piloxing (boxing), and Dancelates
(dance), traditional Pilates studios, though cohesive in the method, often differ in styles of teaching
and community.

Those new to Pilates will not know the difference between the classical and contemporary ideals of

Some instructors might teach in an upbeat, fast-paced, energetic style, while others may be calmer,
more relaxed, and wellness-oriented. Others may be rehab specific.

Some studios may offer extended services such as massage, myofascial release, or craniosacral work.

All of these studios teach Pilates, but not in the same manner—they all have their own unique styles
and specialties. That is why it is so important to lift the veil on your studio and clearly reveal what new
clients can and should expect, not only from your approach but also from your instruction.

Just as instructors have different teaching styles, clients have different learning styles. By explaining
your teaching style upfront, you can help clients determine if your approach aligns with what they are
seeking in terms of instruction, atmosphere, and interaction.

By providing transparency and clearly communicating what sets your studio apart, you will attract
clients who resonate with your distinct offerings.

With such information, new clients walk in feeling comfortable and compatible and clearly understand
what to expect from their Pilates session. With this positive experience, they will likely sign up for

Now that you see how important it is to be open and transparent about your studio's offerings and
teaching style, how do you go about spreading the word? Simple—your website.

In today's social media world, there is no lack of avenues to market yourself or your studio—
Instagram, TikTok, Facebook—the options are limitless. But before you jump into the swipe pit,
remember this: They are all designed for limited information in short bursts of time.

While these platforms may drive people to your website, they don't effectively show new clients the
whole picture.

When defining your studio and presenting your most authentic image of yourself, you want to
provide precise descriptions and solid explanations. The more information, the better.

If you haven't already done so, allow yourself some time to think about how you would describe your
teaching style and the community your studio fosters. Try to paint a descriptive picture for the person
reading your words: think details. Just as in Pilates, nuance matters.

If you're stuck, here are a few things to consider helping you get started.

Identify your niche: Define your specific area of expertise or special certifications, such as injuries
and pathologies, prenatal or postnatal recovery, rehabilitation, athletic conditioning, or particular
populations like seniors or children.

Know what sets you apart: Determine the unique benefits and advantages of practicing Pilates with
you as opposed to other instructors or studios. Explain how your teaching approach addresses your
client's needs and delivers superior results or experiences.

Continual personal development: Stay current on industry standards and advancements in the
professional community. Attending workshops and conventions and continuing to focus on your
individual practice are a few ways to do this. Connecting with other teachers and studios in your
community can be very helpful, not only to gain knowledge, but also support. We develop confidence
by continually striving to enhance our skills and evolve our offerings to meet our clients' needs.

Style and atmosphere: All instructors are unique individuals. We develop our style through our own
life experiences and create an atmosphere through that style.

Think about your personal teaching style. Are you upbeat and positive? Energetic? Or are you
centered and calm? Are you a taskmaster or a hand-holder?

Is the atmosphere in your studio bright and cheery, streamlined, industrial, or dark, moody, and

There is nothing wrong with any of these styles or environments. There is a client out there looking
for each one. It's up to you to let them know.

As Pilates instructors, we are told early in our training that Pilates is for everybody. That's true.
Everyone can benefit from Pilates! But we are not told that every "body" is not for every teacher or

Believing that you can or will help everyone who walks through your doors is an overreaching goal. By
trying to tackle all body types, conditions, personalities, and situations, you create a watered-down
version of yourself: a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. This is not beneficial to your business, career,
or clients.

By honing and defining the skills and offerings that differentiate you from the crowd (and
communicating them clearly), you increase your value, establish a strong reputation for quality, and
position yourself as a trusted and caring teacher.

When it comes to new clients, we owe them the opportunity of an educated choice as to who they
place their trust in.

By lifting the veil and shining a bright light on the uniqueness of you and your studio, you are helping
people before they even meet you. You are helping them make an educated decision. In doing so,
you set the stage for a positive experience, loyal clients who sing your praises, and students who will
enjoy a lifetime of Pilates.



Patti Jo Amerein is a writer, copyeditor, and certified Pilates instructor with 20+ years' experience teaching people how to strengthen their bodies and shape their words. Whether it's a blog post, training manual, or book Patti Jo can help you not only define, but also refine your content. Her studio website is 
For writing or editing work, contact her at: [email protected]


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