Advance Your Pilates Career

Get More Students With This Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how you can earn more EVEN during a pandemic WITHOUT being an expert or a "master teacher"?

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30-Day Client Acquisition and Retention Bootcamp

Learn the exact system to find, enroll, and keep students that I used to get me to a six-month waitlist.

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30-Day Verbal Cueing Bootcamp

How Pilates teachers can dramatically improve their verbal cueing skills in the next 30 days without reinventing the wheel even if you’re a brand new teacher

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1:1 Career Coaching

Create a financially and spiritually rewarding Pilates career through one-on-one support with Mara Sievers, creator of Pilates Encyclopedia 

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Open Studio Implementation Guide

The ultimate guidebook to switching to or adding Open Studio type classes to your offerings without scaring off your current clients

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