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Lists and Templates That Make Your Pilates Practice and Teaching Easier

Class Planning Template

Save hours each week preparing your classes with my ADAPT Class Planning Template.


Pilates Exercises by Levels

This handy list will give you a starting point in deciding which exercises might be too easy, too hard, or just right.


Pilates Exercises with Props

Get ideas for when and how to use props with my lists of dozens of exercises with 9 different props.


Pilates Dos and Don'ts for Pathologies and Special Populations

Recommendations for 22 different pathologies.


Pilates Exercises for Sports + Athletes

Level up your students' athletic skills and performance.


Stomach Series

Download a 10-week plan to build core strength consistently with the famous Pilates Stomach Series. No equipment needed.


Pilates Terms Glossary

Say goodbye to confusion over Pilates terms and get clarity on the words and abbreviations you keep hearing at the studio.


52 Imagery Cues

A new imagery cue delivered to your inbox . . . every single week

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Get Ideas For Your Next Class

Feeling uninspired? Get an idea for your next class that you can use immediately.

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