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Best Pilates Foam Roller on the Market Today

The Best Foam Roller on the Market Today

product reviews Mar 29, 2020

I tend to be very conservative about new props. Just because someone invented and produced a new product, doesn’t mean it’s good. Who says it does something that I can’t also achieve with a prop that I already have.

Browsing for products in a catalog or online you can’t really imagine what it would feel like using it. Besides, don’t we already have enough apparatuses and props?

Soon after diving deep into Pilates, you start to realize that it’s all about accessories. They allow you to fine-tune a movement and to make the exercise more suited to each of your students. Accessories help you get deeper into the target muscles or just make the whole thing more comfortable.

I’m saying this so you are aware that this product review (and - in this case - recommendation) doesn’t come lightly. I’m not sponsored by Rollga. I can’t stand advertisements and I often stop trusting blogs when I realize they just wrote a post in order to sell something (for someone else).

I’m absolutely committed and determined to only recommend products that I truly believe in and I will offer my pros and cons for the products I will review. Full disclosure, the link to purchase the Rollga is an affiliate link, which means I get a small commission if you purchase it through this link. I see it as a small compensation for the time it took me to write this post. Onwards.

Let me introduce to you: the Rollga. During one of my studio spotlight visits, I was able to try the Rollga for the first time, and oh my! What an experience! It dug much deeper into my tissues and I was able to target certain areas (hello psoas) way better than with a regular flat foam roller and it was more stable than a ball. In short, I fell in love.

Another foam roller, you think? Yes and no. If you have no experience with foam rolling, then stick with anything you, your gym, or Pilates studio already have. But if foam rolling is nothing new for you, then you might be ready for the Rollga. As for me, I have completely stopped using regular foam rollers. The Rollga does things so much better.

Get yours here.

It comes in different colors and density levels. I have only used the standard density and I find it firm enough for most applications. If foam rolling tends to hurt you, then choose the soft one. If a regular foam roller doesn’t cut it for you anymore, choose the firm one.

Happy Rolling!


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