Should I Close My Eyes In Pilates or Keep Them Open?

teaching skills Jun 17, 2018

Have you been confused why some teachers (Pilates, or yoga) tell you to close your eyes and others tell you to always keep them open?

One of my students asked me yesterday what Pilates’s take is on closing your eyes versus keeping them open during your Pilates practice. This was my answer.

Bottom line:

  • Blocking off one of our senses, increases the others. Closing your eyes blocks off the visual sense, which increases the other senses.
  • If you need help being aware of sensations in your body, close your eyes. This will help increase your proprioceptive sense (awareness of sensations in your body).
  • Keep your eyes open during standing or balancing exercises.
  • To increase the challenge to your proprioception keep your eyes open and still practice noticing the sensations within your body. This is what will be helpful throughout your day and life because it will allow you to still notice details about your posture, while you're doing other things.

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