Self Correction in Quadruped Exercises

cueing teaching Apr 18, 2018

Here is a quick video in which I show an easy and effective way to correct yourself in Quadruped exercises, such as:

  • M - Opposite Arm and Leg Reach
  • M - Quadruped with Leg Abduction
  • T - Hip Extension
  • R - Reverse Abdominals: single leg variation


  • Keep your body perfectly still while transitioning (stepping the leg back and pulling it back in.)
  • When returning the knee back to the starting position, make sure it fits perfectly into the spot where it came from (not in front, not behind). Notice if you have to adjust to put the knee next to the other one on the mat.


Note: At 3:20 I mistakenly say Hip Opener, when  I mean Hip Extension on the Trapeze Table.


Hope that was helpful and let me know how it goes,

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