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Pilates Mat Workout Routines You Can Do at Home

Pilates Mat Workout Routines You Can Do at Home

class planning May 03, 2020


I recently joined forces with Super Sister Fitness to bring you 2 mat workouts you can do at home. They're each 20-minutes long and do not require any special props. All you need to do is hit play and enjoy these full-body routines. 

"Great 20 min workout with slow build up to more challenging exercises and detailed explanation which make you feel your muscles working with control. Thank you, Mara!"  ~ Theres


Pilates At Home for Beginners | 20 Min Mat Pilates Class At Home

This workout includes:

  • Chest Lift
  • Marching
  • Table Top
  • Bridging + Marching
  • Single Leg Stretch
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Side Balance + Kicks
  • Side Plank/Lift
  • Mermaid
  • Side Balance + Kicks
  • Side Lift/Plank
  • Mermaid
  • Swimming with fingers under hip Bones
  • Prone Arm Clock
  • Quadruped > Hover > Scooter >Twist

Pilates At Home for Spine Mobility | 20 Min Mat Pilates Class At Home 


This workout includes:

  • Bridging
  • Side to side
  • Bent Leg Roll Down
  • Spine Twist with arm lift to grow taller
  • The Saw
  • Neck Pull Prep (Spine Stretch)
  • Look up (back bend)
  • Rolling like a ball
  • C shaper ab series
  • Upward Plank > Knee Lift 10x + 10x
  • Side Kicks on forearm:
    • front back
    • circles,
    • thigh stretch,
    • mermaid twist
  • Plank to Up Stretch, heel drop
  • Twisted Plank to Side Plank
  • The Z
  • Swan
  • Scarecrow
  • Elephant

If you enjoyed these two workouts, then you'll be really excited about our new at-home Pilates workouts. 


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