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Pilates for Cycling

Pilates for Cycling

class planning Jun 24, 2020

Cyclists can benefit greatly from a regular Pilates practice. Not only are they spending the usual (too many) hours sitting in a chair, at work, in the car or at home (like most of us), but they also spend their time on the bike in a seated position. This means hamstring, calf, and hip flexor lengthening are going to be two of the most important measures to take to counteract the repetitive motion during cycling.  

More Recommendations

  • Work on improving axial length in C-curve exercises to mimic the posture on the bike.
  • Choose exercises that balance out the rounded posture with extension exercises.
  • Choose seated exercises to improve movement patterns in a familiar environment. 


  • C-Curve
  • Assisted Roll Down
  • Quadruped
  • Baby Swan
  • Spine Stretch Forward
Trapeze Table
  • Supine Leg Springs
  • Squats: improves knee tracking, lower extremity alignment, hip disassociation, quadriceps strength and trunk stability
  • Teaser (Prep): improves core control in C-Curve
  • Thigh Stretch: to lengthen quadriceps and to strengthen them eccentrically
  • Footwork: to lengthen hamstrings and calves
  • Seated Push Through
  • Footwork: Single Leg Variation on heavy springs improves quadriceps strength
  • Feet in Straps: Single Leg Stretch with Opposite Strap improves knee tracking and adductor strength;
  • Seated Footwork: improves knee tracking, core control, and quadriceps strength
  • Short Box Series
  • Teaser From Floor: improves core control in C-Curve
Ladder Barrel
  • Short Box Series
  • Leg Stretches: Hamstrings
Spine Corrector
  • Standing Calf Stretch
  • Reach
  • Seated Back Bend





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