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Pelvic Floor Exercises Using Rotator Discs for Pilates

Pelvic Floor Exercises Using Rotator Discs

exercise tutorials Jan 23, 2016

The rotator disc is definitely not a classical piece of Pilates apparatus, but many contemporary Pilates teachers use this tremendous tool to get hip, leg and especially the pelvic floor muscles working hard.  

If you struggle with your balance, don't worry, that’s exactly the point. Standing on the discs is one of the best ways to improve your balance, especially in this winter weather!  

The main focus in these exercises is working the pelvic floor in a balanced way: expand and contract, strengthen and stretch.

Pelvic floor muscles are deep inside the body, often forgotten, but crucial for your core stability, balance and organ support.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Things to remember:

• Keep your posture upright by holding something out in front of you.

• Start by having your toes turning out and in.

• Be sure to press your heels down.

• Make sure you initiate the movement from the hip joint, not the knee or ankle.

• Remember you are strengthening the muscles between your sitting bones when you bring heels together, stretching them as you pull apart.  These muscles are small, but very important.

Maintain your balance in all walks of life.

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