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Let’s Talk About It Afterwards

teaching Feb 04, 2019

I bet you had a student recently who wanted to talk about her schedule in the middle of your lesson. It’s so tempting to just answer their question or start thinking of your own schedule and get into a back and forth about dates and times. I don’t blame her. Once the body starts moving, the brain starts working differently, and all sorts of thoughts come rushing through. It’s important, though to maintain our focus on the task at hand. You know how much focus it takes to do an exercise correctly, right? Well, without the focus the exercise won’t be as powerful.

“Let’s talk about it after class.” is a short and powerful phrase that brings your student’s awareness back to the lesson, but still recognizes their need for rearranging their schedule.

I keep post-its on hand at the studio. When one of these thoughts comes up, then I’ll jot it down quickly and immediately bring my focus back to the lesson and the student. Don’t you love the feeling of letting go of all your mundane thoughts for an hour and come out of a lesson mentally and physically refreshed? Talking about schedules takes away the tabula rasa effect of that mental shower.


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