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Impressions from the 2019 annual PMA meeting in Monterey, CA

Impressions from the 2019 annual PMA meeting in Monterey, CA

journal Nov 04, 2019

This past week I taught at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance in beautiful Monterey, CA. What a location, what a conference.

Everything about it was wonderful! I heard from several other attendees how the location was one big reason why they decided to attend this year's conference. Many of us enjoyed (power) walks along the wharf and Cannery Row. We visited the fabulous Monterey Bay Aquarium.  How cute can Otters be? I saw my first Mola and loved their kelp garden. 

The keynote speaker was Lisa Brooks who encouraged us to remain true to ourselves, which I can wholeheartedly support. She wrote a manifesto that was printed on a large poster. Take a look.

Isn't it beautifully written, to the point and from the heart? I love it. The PMA has it available as a download in case you'd like to hang it up at your studio.

Here is a group photo from Lolita San Miguel's Pre-conference workshop. She is impressive to be traveling across the country from Florida to California and teaching long hours at the age of 85. 


Here I am with the kind and talented Christi Idavoy (we've been discussing a Pilates retreat to Costa Rica. YES!)

Viktor Uygan, inventor of the Konnector helped the innocent make contact with the Konnector. Oh, what joy!

I was thrilled to take a few classes, and just be a student. Like here in Erica Quest's mat class. I found my glute med in her class, whoa! Which made my leg circles (90 degree hip flexion with straight leg extended to the ceiling) a lot stronger. Thank you for that!

Here is me with my wonderful room mate Robyn Baxter (Pendulum Pilates, Ottawa, Canada) at Point Lobos State Park the day after the conference ended. 



As for my two mat classes, I had 47 people in your MC3 class and 58 people in my MC5 class. Here is some of the feedback I've received after my class:

"Thank you so much:) Your mat class is so amazing!"

"Improving efficiency was LOVELY!!! Thank you, Mara, for slowing down the movement and allowing for more efficient and effective spinal mobility!"

"Loved the concepts and the building blocks for spinal mobility."

"She was wonderful! I would highly recommend her! She has a soothing voice and know how make us center."  

"She was beautiful in her knowledge and depth of spinal mobility.  Excellent."

"I felt amazing after this class! Such great sequencing - preparing each body part for the next motion. Thank you!!"

"Really loved your class. Great cueing. Really felt great after class.. Thank you."  

"Mara set the tone for a perfect morning workout!  Her class was informative and very precise!"  

"One of the best classes I’ve ever taken."

"Very good class. She teaches which body part goes with the movement. You have to think about it and focus on what you’re doing. Very intense but good and clear about she’s teaching."  

"Tell her to come next year and teach more."  


If you're curious about the mat classes I taught, I made them available as a



Hope to see you next year!

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