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Keep Your Pilates Equipment Handles and Reformer Loops Germ-Free

How to Keep Your Pilates Equipment Handles and Reformer Loops Germ-Free

product reviews Apr 28, 2020

Have you thought about what it will be like when we get back to the studio? Cleaning equipment is not too difficult, but how about those cotton loops and polypropylene handles? 

The easiest solution would be to ask everyone to wear socks and (single-use plastic) gloves (not the fingerless kind). But there are other options as well, such as encouraging your students to purchase their own loops, or wrapping your loops in vinyl or plastic which can be cleaned or exchanged.

Let's dive into each of these options: 

1. Consider purchasing your own personal Reformer loops and handles.

This post contains affiliate links, which allows me to continue offering tons of excellent free content on this site. I only recommend stuff I love.

ELEMENTS makes beautiful loops and handles for Pilates equipment. I personally love the Loop and Handle combination. That's so handy.

You could purchase your own and bring them to the studio with you when it re-opens. This way you won't have to worry whose feet or germs were in the loop prior to you.

Cotton loops are really impossible to clean in between clients. You can take them home and wash them each night. But they take a long time to dry, and it would require a second set of loops. And this still doesn't solve the problem of keeping them virus-free for each client.

As a studio owner, consider keeping ELEMENTS in stock for your students to purchase. Ask for wholesale pricing.


2. Switch to vinyl loops or wooden handles.

If you prefer the easy cleaning benefits of vinyl, Balanced Body has some great vinyl loops. They are double-loops and are made with soft material. 

These are definitely easier to clean and wipe down than soft breathable porous materials like cotton or polypropylene. This can go a long way in helping your students feel safe and comfortable using the equipment again.


3. Cover your cotton loops in vinyl.

Balanced Body makes vinyl covers for cotton and padded loops. They're made with industrial-grade velcro, so all you need to do is wrap the cover around the loop. Quick and easy! Studio owners can purchase these to cover their current loops or students can have their own personal covers. 


4. Cover your Chair handles with plastic.

Cover the soft part with a plastic bag or wrap it in saran wrap. Encourage your students to touch the metal part of the pole, instead of the handle.


5. Wear gloves

Real gloves. Look for glove liners, they're thin and won't get in the way of your workout. Not the ones where your fingers are still bare. The good thing is, you can wash them at home.  

Which way will you go? Let me know in the comments.


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