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How To Adjust The Pilates Ladder Barrel

How To Adjust The Ladder Barrel

reviews Apr 17, 2019

During certain exercises on the Ladder Barrel, the distance between the Barrel and Ladder has to be adjusted to achieve the optimum positioning. This quick video shows how this adjustment can be made. You'll see that the Balanced Body Ladder Barrel I'm using has 4 screws at the bottom that can be loosened. Then I can slide the Barrel closer or farther away from the Ladder and use the measurement guide to find and remember the correct position and tighten the screws to secure it into place.  

Each Ladder Barrel model from different manufacturers will be slightly different. Please ask the manufacturer of the equipment to use to explain how to make this adjustment.

As a matter of fact, Balanced Body recently changed the system to adjust their barrel. It now has a foot pedal which can be operated without bending over. Sweet!

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Now I want to hear from you: How often do you adjust your Ladder Barrel? Do you change it for every exercise, or do you save time and keep it mostly the same for all exercises and clients? Tell me in the the comments.

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