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Improve Hip and Ankle Mobility with a Pilates Half Roller

How to Improve Hip and Ankle Mobility with a Half Roller

class planning Jul 08, 2020

This 12x3 inch piece of foam has saved me on several occasions. It's such a useful tool, I even bring it with me on trips, especially when I'm planning on hiking for several days.

I've put together a short video showing my favorite exercises with the short half roller.

  • Calf Squeeze
  • Hip, Leg and Back Stretches in a seated position
  • Calf Stretch
  • Balance and ankle stability front to back
  • Balance and ankle stability side to side

With a price point below $10, you really can't beat it as one of the best tools to get for your home practice.


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Purchase your short half foam roller here.

Want even more ideas for how to use a foam roller? Check out this post.


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