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Gifts for Pilates Enthusiasts: 7 Thoughtful Gifts They’ll Actually Use

product reviews props Dec 05, 2023

Ever found yourself scratching your head, unsure what to get for that Pilates fanatic in your life? I get it. Shopping for workout enthusiasts can be like solving a fitness puzzle—confusing, challenging, and a bit like navigating a gift-giving maze.

Pilates lovers often have their preferences, and getting them something that genuinely enhances their routine can be as tricky as mastering a new Pilates move. Whether you’re shopping for a dedicated Pilates student or a seasoned instructor, you want to find a gift that will be genuinely helpful and enjoyable. Something they’ll actually use . . . and not leave collecting dust in the corner of a closet.

Enter yours truly—not just a fitness enthusiast, but a Pilates teacher and coach with years of experience. I know the struggles, the triumphs, and the kind of gear that can take a Pilates session from good to absolutely fantastic.

My guide is not your average gift roundup. It's a carefully curated selection born out of a passion for Pilates and a deep understanding of what makes a Pilates practice not just effective but downright enjoyable. I'm not just tossing out gift ideas; I'm handing you keys to Pilates paradise.


FTC Disclosure: Before we jump into the Pilates present paradise, here's a quick heads-up: Some of the links in this guide are affiliate links.


Yep, that means if you find a squeal-worthy gift and buy it using one of these links, I might earn a tiny commission. It's a win-win, right? You get the perfect gift . . and support my mission to help Pilates lovers all over the globe!

Now that we've set the stage, let's dive into a world of gifts that will make any Pilates lover jump for joy. From practical tools to stylish accessories, this guide is your ticket to gifting greatness. Ready, set, go!


Gifts for Pilates Lovers


The BB Aligner ($24)

This Pilates block, aka "The Aligner," is a game-changer for aligning your lower body in a parallel position during workouts and gently activating your adductor muscles. Have you ever been frustrated that the magic circle is too big for those with short legs and the small ball too squishy to give you tactile feedback about your alignment? Me, too! That's where the Aligner comes in. Its versatility and affordability make it a must-have for any Pilates enthusiast. Check it out here.


Trigger Point Performance GRID X Massage Ball ($30)

Say goodbye to muscle tension with the GRID X Massage Ball. Perfect for targeting trigger points, this little powerhouse is a fantastic addition to any Pilates lover's recovery routine. Available on Amazon.


Naboso Ball for Foot Pain Relief ($30)

Is foot pain cramping your Pilates style? The Naboso Ball is here to the rescue. Specially designed for foot relief, it's a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking comfort and support during their Pilates practice. Grab the Naboso Ball here.


The Slice ($50)

Slicing through misalignments and enhancing your Pilates experience, "The Slice" is a premium tool for lower body alignment. While The Aligner mentioned above helps you align your legs, the Slice does the same thing for your feet. Priced at $50, it's an investment in your Pilates practice that pays off in precision. Explore The Slice here.


ELEMENTS Strap for Style and Function ($55-$60)

Elevate your Pilates game with ELEMENTS. Stylish, colorful, and innovative, these loops and handles add a touch of flair to your Pilates equipment. The loop and roll design make it a time-saving essential for handle switches. If bright colors are not your thing, maybe you'd be delighted to perfectly match your a wooden reformer with greystone upholstery, then choose the beige and grey color options. You can watch my review of the ELEMENTS straps by MomentumWorld HERE, and/or shop stylish straps here Use coupon code MARA for 10% off.

Spinefitter by Sissel ($129)

Invest in your spine's well-being with the Spinefitter. Priced at $129 (minus 5% if you purchase through my link), this tool is designed to enhance spinal flexibility and support your overall Pilates journey. Your spine will thank you. Snag the Spinefitter here.



STOTT Stability Chair (~ $1,500)

Take your Pilates workouts to the next level with the STOTT Stability Chair. (Read our independent review HERE.) This versatile and durable chair is a fantastic addition to any (home) Pilates studio. Available on Amazon.


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