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Stop Elbow Pain in Pilates Bicycle or Scissors in the Air

Fix Your Elbow or Shoulder Pain in Bicycle

adaptations Sep 09, 2020

Elbow pain during Bicycle or Scissors in the Air is unfortunately very common. A weak or injured rotator cuff makes keeping the elbows narrow very difficult. Even if we manage to keep the elbows right under us, if they're tempted to slide out, this creates a shear force around the upper arm which creates pain. No fun!

But here's the good news! I have an awesome elbow-saving tip for you to try. All you need is a yoga belt or strap and some floor space. 

Did you try it? Let me know how it went in the comments.

Here's the full Push-Up video with the yoga strap and blocks I mentioned: Improve Your Posture with Pilates Push-Ups

Are you looking for a pretty new yoga strap like the one I use in the video? You can purchase it here


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