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Pilates March MATness

March MATness

exercise tutorials Feb 28, 2021

Every year in March, the Pilates industry celebrates the beloved Pilates method on social media and beyond. It's called March MATness and was invented by Pilates teacher Benjamin Degenhardt. Each day, we practice and share a different exercise.

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This is a time to get back to Joseph Pilates' original mat exercises. The classics, if you will. Let's celebrate by diving into one of these exercises each day. 


March 1: The Hundred

March 2: Roll Up

March 3: Roll Over

March 4: Leg Circles

March 5: Rolling Like a Ball

March 6: Single Leg Stretch

March 7: Double Leg Stretch

March 8: Spine Stretch Forward

March 9: Open Leg Rocker

March 10: Corkscrew

March 11: The Saw

March 12: Swan Dive

March 13: Single Leg Kicks

March 14: Double Leg Kicks

March 15: Neck Pull

March 16: Scissors in the Air

March 17: Bicycle in the Air

March 18: Bridging

March 19: Spine Twist

March 20: JackKnife

March 21: Side Kicks

March 22: Teaser

March 23: Hip Twist

March 24: Swimming

March 25: Leg Pull Front

March 26: Leg Pull

March 27: Side Kicks Kneeling

March 28: Side Bend

March 29: Boomerang

March 30: Seal Puppy

March 31: Crab


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