Fill Your Classes and Watch Your Hourly Rate Soar 


How Pilates Instructors can make a lucrative income teaching Pilates - even:

  • Without years of experience

  • Without charging premium fees

  • During a pandemic

Client Acquisition and Retention Masterclass 


Get instant access to my exact 6-step formula that new and experienced teachers have used to grow their income

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Get instant access to my exact 6-step formula

that new and experienced teachers have used to grow their income. It works whether you’re offering in-person or online classes.


Step 1. Do The Math.

How many students and classes do you need to build a business that works for you?

Step 2. Who You Will Teach?

Reach the right clients. Not everyone will be willing to spend money on Pilates. Instead of trying to convince people who would rather watch free classes on YouTube, you'll learn how to find the people who want your help and are ready to pay you for it.

Step 3. Where Will You Teach?

Should you teach virtually, in person, or offer a hybrid solution? We'll help you decide what's best for you and your students.

Step 4. How To Enroll Students.

Find out why drop-ins are bad for you - and your students. We'll teach you how to get a minimum 2-month commitment from students when they sign up so that they don't disappear after just one class.

Step 5. How To Create A Course Curriculum.

Design programs that get your students real results so they return again and again.

Step 6. Where To Find (More) Students.

Stop waiting for the phone to ring and bring it all together with an effective client-generating system. We'll teach you how to promote your business without randomly posting on social media or spending thousands on a website only to discover that it doesn't produce any leads.


✅ This Course Is For You... 

  • if you see the need to earn more to have a sustainable teaching career.
  • if you want to teach full classes.
  • if you're ready to do the work required to get more people into your classes. 

❌ This Course is NOT For You... 

  • if you're content hoping that one or two people will show up for your class.
  • if you're not willing to make any changed to how you structure and advertise your classes right now.
  • you believe people always make the best decisions regarding their health on their own.

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