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Beth Redfern

"I did as Mara suggested and sent an email out to my clients on Friday morning. Would you believe it, but about 10 mins later I got a call from a client saying the email had convinced her to try it- she was really enthusiastic! I taught her yesterday and she absolutely loved it and has given me a fabulous testimonial. She’s also booked in twice for this week."

Beth Redfern Pilates, UK

Nadia Bustemi

"So far I've implemented one thing from my discussion with Mara and I'm already getting some new clients this week. :) Our discussion also got me thinking a lot about how to re-brand myself better when I re-open (or now) so clients understand that they come to me for what I know and not for the equipment that I have."

Love, Pilates, Denmark

Melissa Fife

"I’ve been feeling very lost and confused since the pandemic started as I couldn’t continue teaching Pilates anymore. I didn’t even know where to start as I’m not very tech savvy. It was a breath of fresh air talk with Mara as she guided and gave me great advice. I definitely feel more confident and encouraged now!"

Purely Pilates Center, TX