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Email [email protected] to schedule a private lesson.


Benefit from Mara’s 20+ years of Pilates experience by scheduling a 50-minute session in which you’ll get quality information you can start using right away.

Interested in bringing one of our workshops to your studio?

Mara has developed workshops, mentoring and training to inspire and educate your students as well as your teachers.

For students and teachers:


  • Reclaiming the Essence of Pilates

  • He Said it First: The Words of Joseph Pilates

  • Take Ownership of Your Body and Practice

  • Strength from the Inside Out: Your Pelvic Floor

  • Harness The Power of Your Breath


For teachers:


  • Communication for Pilates Teachers

  • Tactile Cueing for Pilates Teachers



If you are interested in hosting a workshop or course in your studio or facility, email us at [email protected].

  • Get an outside perspective to "get out of our own head".
  • Hear new cues and see your body, practice, and studio from a new angle.
  • Mara is strongly committed to bridging the gap between various styles, schools, and methods of Pilates. Let's focus on what we have in common instead of what differentiates us.


Some of our participants share their experience:

"I realized that I was really focused on the exhalation and need to be more focused on the inhalation."

Kristyn Van Ostern
Harness the Power of Your Breath

"The workshop was presented with thoroughness, combining physiology with the technique of breathing."

Jackie Berridge
Harness the Power of Your Breath

Reclaiming the Essence of Pilates

This workshop will lead you to greater clarity about the unique way the Pilates method can offer you(r students) greater benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. Through the words of Joseph Pilates himself and a review of the Pilates movement principles, Mara will engage you in a dialogue between these concepts and your own body. What can be fine-tuned in your current practice to take you to the next level in regards to power, balance, and ease?


Harness the Power of Your Breath

In Pilates, the way we breathe is not just part of the choreography of movement. Rather, it is a specific technique for gaining core strength and stability. Correct breathing triggers the muscles surrounding the ribcage and abdominal area: when we use breath well, we help our abdominals engage even more. This is why breathing is such an important part of Pilates.

Join us as we explore three-dimensional breathing, the breathing technique that is integral to Pilates. Learn how to use the breath to grow stronger and more comfortable in your own body. Like everything in Pilates, correct breathing techniques vary based on each person’s individual breathing pattern and movement goals. You will leave with an understanding of what works best for you.


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