Pilates Encyclopedia Testimonial Review

“I've just been reading your Scoliosis info in detail on Pilates Encyclopedia, and I was compelled to say thanks! So useful to know exactly how to plan for my client, without going beyond my scope. She comes tomorrow for her 2nd session and I now feel competent with what to instruct. Without your website, I would have been doing guesswork and scrambling around on the internet for an age!"

Kate Cunningham (UK)

Pilates Encyclopedia Testimonial and Review

"I was watching one of your videos on a busy bus earlier. It made me break down the exercise and think about it in more depth which is hugely beneficial to me! It's so lovely to feel welcomed to ask questions!!!"

Natasha Haresign (UK)

Pilates Encyclopedia Testimonial and Review

"I joined Pilates Encyclopedia because despite the level of detail in my teacher training, I felt I still didn't understand some basics and I got frustrated at the deliverance of material.

When I stumbled onto Pilates Encyclopedia, I found the information easily accessible, concise and to the point, which helps clarify the confusion I faced in my practice and self-mastery."

Eleena Toh (Australia)

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Pilates Encyclopedia Review and Testimonial

"I first found Pilates Encyclopedia during my Polestar comprehensive training. I really resonated with Mara’s teaching style, extensive knowledge, and variations on exercises. Once I signed up I was hooked! There is so much information here including cueing, equipment setup, benefits of the exercise, regressions and progressions, related exercises, and sequencing. The site is perfect for me (a beginner Pilates instructor) to dive deeper into the exercises which helps me for the classes I teach. So happy I stumbled upon Pilates Encyclopedia! Thank you, Mara!"

Angela Horswill (US)

Pilates Encyclopedia Testimonial and Review

“I have such a huge appreciation for the Pilates Encyclopedia. When I was just a student of Pilates, I thought it was a good idea, but being a teacher-in-training now, I feel like it's essential to put this information out there. There are so many times I need an answer to a teaching question and the encyclopedia tells me the information I need so simply and clearly!”

Kristi Paciello (US)

Pilates Encyclopedia Testimonials and Review

"I am so happy I found Pilates Encyclopedia. I learn so much and I can integrate your input into my style of teaching much more effectively than just doing a class on Pilates Anytime, where you tend to copy something, but often feel it’s not really yourself."

Theres Hergott (Austria)

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