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Great Pilates Instructors Can Work Confidently With People Of All Abilities, Skill Levels, and Challenges


That's Why We Teach the ADAPT Pilates™ Method

Trapeze Table Repertoire

Be Prepared for the Real World

Learn Pilates in a real studio setting with people of all ages and abilities looking for help with their movement goals or struggles.

Ladder Barrel Repertoire

Teach Movement to People, Not Just Exercises

These days it's not enough to be able to guide students through exercises. As the standard in our industry rises, Pilates teachers have to be trained more thoroughly. 

Spine Corrector Repertoire

Learn Best Practices

By being a part of the day-to-day operations at your host studio you will naturally absorb best practices regarding selling class passes or packages, scheduling and cancelations, and other real-life situations that go way beyond the skills of teaching movement.

Start a Fulfilling Career By Helping People Move Better

Pilates Is Here To Stay. Since its start in the US in the 1930s, the Pilates method has been successfully used by thousands of people worldwide for building core strength, flexibility, balance, and post-rehabilitation purposes and has been a vital part of training for professional dancers and athletes. Pilates is for just about everyone. It’s challenging enough for the best athletes and gentle enough for people with injuries or seniors. Pilates works by helping students develop focus and direct their energy towards a desired result -- a uniformly developed musculature, optimal posture, and improved mental focus. Through the powerful collaboration and integration of mind and body, a practitioner of Pilates experiences improved body awareness, confidence, and elevation of the spirit.

The Pilates method has continued as a living system that traditionally has been taught directly from one person to the next in a kind of oral/visual/kinesthetic fashion. Joseph Pilates trained his apprentices through immersion in the craft at his studio, not by sticking your head in books or sitting in a classroom. Watching and assisting students with real limitations in a real-life studio setting will prepare you for the real world of teaching Pilates.

The Pilates Encyclopedia Teacher Training Program is designed to create knowledgeable, thoughtful, creative, and successful Pilates teachers. The program is based on the recommendations of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Upon completion of the comprehensive training program, you will be ​eligible to sit for the NCPT (National Certified Pilates Teacher) Exam​.

As a trainee, you will not only learn the movements and tailor them to suit your own body, thus benefiting personally on a high level, but you will also develop the skills to address the needs of a wide variety of students, from those seeking rehabilitation to others who are interested in improving their athletic performance. Upon completion of the program, you will be fully versed in the comprehensive Pilates exercise repertoire and be able to teach students of all levels. This program is richly rewarding and, combined with dedication and practice, will prepare you for a superlative teaching career.

You Will Learn...

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Experiential anatomy of the spine, core, pelvic girdle and legs, shoulder girdle and arms, including bones, joints, and muscles
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Pilates movement principles and history of the method
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350 Pilates exercises on Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Magic Circle, Pedi-pole, and Foot Corrector
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Visual, verbal, and tactile cueing skills to teach safe, effective, and inspiring one-on-one sessions and group classes
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Sequencing guidelines for private sessions and group classes
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Movement screen to assess your student’s physical ability and needs
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Regressions and progressions for each exercise, basic to advanced level
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Protocols for targeted outcomes, such as athletic performance improvement
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Precautions and contraindications for students with limitations


Module 1: Basic Anatomy and an Introduction to Pilates Apparatus

Module 2: Spine Anatomy, Trunk Stability, Core Control, All about Abs

Module 3: Breathing Anatomy and Application

Module 4: Pelvic Girdle and Lower Extremity Anatomy and Movement Skills

Module 5: Shoulder Girdle Organization and Upper Extremity Anatomy and Movement Skills

Module 6: Teaching Skills and Sequencing

Module 7: Wholistic Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit

Module 8: Pilates ADAPTations and Individualized Programming, Regressions and Progressions

Start Your Pilates Teacher Training Today 

Gain an in-depth understanding of human movement and master the comprehensive Pilates exercise repertoire to help people move better and feel better in their bodies.


Hybrid Format

Study Online and Practice at One of Our Partner Studios

Now there is no time restraint, scheduling difficulties, no travel arrangements, or cost that could hold you back from fulfilling your dream of a rewarding career as a Pilates teacher.

Our training allows you to make your own schedule 100% of the time. You study and practice when you are available, at your own pace.

You will work through nine online modules covering anatomy and exercise theory required to make you a versatile, knowledgeable Pilates teacher.

Even though all coursework can be done 100% virtually, you do need access to equipment.  If you have a home studio, you're all set. Otherwise, please take a look at our partner studio list. If you can't find one near you, please let us know and we're happy to inquire with a studio in your area on your behalf. Just shoot us an email at [email protected].

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Who Pilates Encyclopedia is For

Your Time Commitment

Your time investment over the course of the training will be 450 hours. This is the minimum requirement determined by the Pilates Method Alliance. This will allow you to sit for the NCPT exam certifying you as a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. They consist of:

100 hours of unsupervised self-practice (your own practice, at home or at a studio)

15 hours of supervised self-practice (submit a video of your practice and get feedback from your mentor about your form and technique)

65 hours of observation (watch videos of certified teachers interact with students and classes)

75 hours of student teaching practice (teach your friends)

15 hours of supervised teaching hours (submit a video of you teaching the beginner, intermediate, and advanced sequences and receive feedback from your mentor)

105 hours of coursework (required reading, study, and homework assignments)

75 hours of apprentice teaching (or alternatively more student teaching practice)

Pilates Encyclopedia review

"I decided to go with the Pilates Encyclopedia program for multiple reasons. I could study at my own pace, I’d receive loads of one-on-one attention, and the location was convenient. Most Pilates trainings were scheduled on multiple weekends over several months, and far away from where I live, which would have made it a lot longer to complete the program.

My mentor, Mara Sievers, has helped me every step of the way by providing me with her top knowledge. This training has created a path for me to become a Pilates instructor, an adventurous journey. She explains the movements clearly and has a "golden touch" when it comes to hands-on cueing. The Pilates Encyclopedia exercise library also has been a huge help during my training to help clarify any missing puzzle pieces I have while learning the exercises. This teacher training program is truly amazing."

New Hampshire (USA)

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"The Pilates Encyclopedia teacher training program has allowed me to conceptualize a second career path I hadn’t believed possible previously with other training methods.  As a mom and full-time educator, finding time to be away from my family is challenging.  By allowing individualized access to the training through the online Pilates Encyclopedia, I am able to study when it is most convenient for me.  Developing a relationship with a studio owner as an apprentice allows textbook studies to gain real-life traction.  I am being mentored through the application and refinement of my practice at the studio as a student (performance skills) and a teacher (teaching skills).  This is an on-going process and I suspect difficult to actualize within a traditional teacher training program.  I believe this program offers a balance of self-directed goal setting and relationship building with the community (studio) you will likely teach within.  If you’ve researched options for trainings, you’ve come to realize the multitude of styles out there.  Pilates Encyclopedia’s model will give you a solid foundation and allow you to develop the “style” that suits your goals and studio best."

New Hampshire (USA)

Cost of the Training

The training fee includes all coursework, homework, mentor support, and your first attempt to the final exam.

If you don't own equipment, then you'll need to consider additional fees for renting space at a Pilates studio. (Check out our list of partner studios below).

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Payment Plan Available

  • All Apparatus
  • Study at your own pace
  • No time limit for finishing your training
  • Practice at home and at your local studio

Bridge Program

Starting at $4,000

  • Same as comprehensive training
  • You already have a mat and/or Reformer certification

Graduation Bonus

After graduation, we will continue to support you on your new career path. You will receive these two courses for free upon passing your final exam.

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Partner Studios

If you don't have your own Pilates equipment (yet), then these studios have agreed to make their equipment available to you. Please inquire about fees and conditions directly with the studio.



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If you Want To Start a Fulfilling Career, Then This Is The Training For You 

Gain an in-depth understanding of human movement and master the comprehensive Pilates exercise repertoire to help people move better and feel better in their body.