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Pilates Encyclopedia

  • A library of hundreds of exercises and variations aligned with countless styles, schools and lineages.
  • An online database that can be reached anytime anywhere via any browser or smart phone.

  • A resource for practitioners and teachers to improve their personal Pilates practice.
  • A quick way to find a tactile cue, a fresh new image or an exercise variation that will finally help my client "get" the exercise.

  • A tool to help with my day to day teaching challenges.
 A place of inspiration, full of ideas for exciting new exercises and variations.

  • Something to get me out of my teaching rut. Why am I always teaching the same exercises? My students (and I) are bored, help!

  • An interactive tool that allows you to ask questions about each exercise and receive a timely response from highly trained teachers as well as peers.
  • A knowledge pool that grows with every member.
  • Affordable.


Membership also gives you access to these Courses:

Programming + Sequencing
  • Helpful exercise lists to
    • improve specific movement goals, such as ankle stability, or hip range of motion, etc.
    • support athletic needs, for examples running, swimming, golf, and many more
    • work with specific limitations and pathologies, such as scoliosis, osteoporosis or multiple sclerosis.
Master the Boomerang
  • Want to show off? This course prepares your body for the advanced Pilates mat exercise Boomerang.
  • Divided into 13 lessons that will specifically teach you the skills necessary for mastery of the Boomerang, as well as develop the appropriate areas of the body to safely and effectively enjoy this fun, but very challenging exercise. 
  • Invaluable sequencing tips for teachers.
Learn to Teach a Successful Mixed-Level Apparatus Circuit Class
  • This online course teaches you how to teach a great apparatus circuit class with apparatuses and props you already own such as the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Springboard, Chair, Spine Corrector, Orbit, Rotator Discs, Foot Corrector, and/or Foam Roller.
  • You'll receive several different plans and options for 4-8 different apparatuses, filling a 50-60-minute Circuit class.
  • The biggest benefit of this concept is that the classes are appropriate for all levels. You'll learn modifications for different levels of ability as well as alternatives for people with low bone density, such as osteoporosis or osteopenia.
  • If you have a small studio with you as the only or main teacher, this class format is going to maximize your revenue.
  • Learn how to progress your students over the course of 6-8 weeks to show them maximum benefit of their work with you.
  • Several ready and tested sequences available.
Pilates From Scratch
  • Learn basic Pilates mat exercises and principles in 21 short video lessons, such as
    • Optimal spine positioning,
    • Exercises lying on your back and your belly,
    • Weight bearing exercises through your legs and arms to build strength in the extremities,
    • Rolling exercises to stretch your spine and strengthen your abdominals,
    • Spinal movement in all directions, the key to longevity,
    • The ideal posture,
    • Tips to improve your balance,
    • Releasing tension from neck and shoulders, and last but not least
    • Core stability.



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