Programming & Sequencing for Pilates

Whatever your goal with Pilates is, here you'll find the best exercises to reach it.

You already know that Pilates is amazing, but do you feel confident choosing the best exercises for a specific goal? In this volume of the Pilates Encyclopedia, you'll find over 35 lists of carefully curated exercises for any imaginable movement goal.

  • Exercises to improve specific movement skills such as spinal extension, core stability, hip range of motion, spinal rotation, lateral hip stability, lower extremity alignment and much much more.
  • Exercises to help athletes with specific sports and activities, like swimming, skiing, golf, baseball, running and hiking.
  • Exercises for specific pathologies, such as low bone density, scoliosis, knee or hip replacements, disc herniations and others.

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"This is super helpful for programming my classes! I have learned so much from your videos and articles. Thank you!"

Anna Saffer
Tennessee, USA

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