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A 30-Day Verbal Cueing Bootcamp

Do You Sometimes Struggle With Your Verbal Cues in Your Pilates Classes?

You are not alone.

Does this seem familiar?

  • Your voice is tired every night after a day of teaching.
  • You suspect you're over cueing, and overwhelming your clients with instructions.
  • Your students are constantly looking at you, the screen, or the person next to them to know what they are supposed to be doing.
  • Your students don't¬†remember¬†what you teach them. It feels like you're starting over every single week.
  • You feel like you have to repeat yourself a thousand times for them to get it.
  • You're unsure whether¬†your student is¬†unable to do the movement the way you ask¬†her to, or¬†if she just doesn't¬†understand¬†you.
  • You're afraid of pushing your clients too hard out of fear of hurting them.¬†
  • Your students say your classes are too easy, but they're not. They're just not doing it correctly. How do you get them to feel what you feel?¬†
  • You don't know¬†how to react¬†when someone¬†in¬†your class¬†has¬†a pathology that you don't have any experience with.
  • You don't know what to say when someone complains of pain in your class.


In 30 Days From Now You Will...

  • Get better at explaining exercises and movement
  • Teach better zoom classes
  • Get better results with your students
  • Help your clients move better & more efficiently.
  • Progress your students more quickly¬†
  • Keep your students engaged and inspired
  • Gain confidence and reduce anxiety around teaching
  • Know¬†when you challenge your students¬†too much or too little
  • Keep students of¬†different levels¬†happy in the same class
  • Enjoy teaching much more


Over The Next 30 Days You'll Learn...

  • Week 1: The Single Most Effective¬†Tool To improve Your Cueing: The Teaching Script

  • Week 2: Dos and Don'ts of Verbal Cueing: What to Say and What Not To Say

  • Week 3: Use Your Words,¬†Expand Your Vocabulary

  • Week 4: Pace, Rhythm, and Flow of Verbal Cueing: Your Voice and Breath

  • Bonus: Ask The Right Questions¬†


Get practical and actionable tools that will improve your verbal cueing asap.


What People Are Saying:

“It was perfect, I couldn‚Äôt ask for much more. I feel my cueing is very different from before the Bootcamp! Loved the feedback when I sent my script, made me understand what I‚Äôve been doing wrong, using too many words that were unnecessary.”

Tracy Fuller (UK)

“It was really interesting to do it. I think that the language we use to teach has a big influence on our ways to cue.”

Celine G (Switzerland)

“I felt it was very personable and Mara was truly interested in helping me succeed.”

Alisa Cartright (US)