Are You Struggling to Find Students?


Are you lost for ideas where your next student might be coming from? 

Are you unsure how to make people see the value of Pilates?

Do you hear lots of excuses why your students keep missing their regular sessions?

Do you believe it takes a long time to build clientele, you just have to be more patient?

Are your students non-committal to their schedule and their practice? 

Are your students not getting it? They misunderstand the purpose and benefit of Pilates.

Are your students disappearing on you out of the blue without telling you why?

Are your students excited in the beginning, but then they don't stick around long enough to actually see the results?

You never know how much money you'll make each week, because you don't have a solid client base.

Your income is unpredictable because your students cancel at the last minute.

How To Tell The World About The Amazing Work You Do Without Bragging 

If your experience is anything like mine, then you're frustrated that no-one knows about the amazing work you do every single day at your studio, helping people feel better in their bodies, overcome injuries and reach their athletic goals.

But how can you let prospective clients know about that without feeling like you're bragging?

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I'll teach you the exact steps that got me a 6-month waitlist

Hi, I'm Mara Sievers, creator of Pilates Encyclopedia. 

I owned a Pilates studio in Concord, New Hampshire for 8 years. Despite being the capitol, there are only 30,000 people living in Concord. Yet, I had a 6-month waitlist at one point.

There are potential students everywhere. You just have to know

  1. how to get them in the door,
  2. how to make them see the immense value of the Pilates method, and 
  3. how to teach them so they stay with you for life.

It's actually not that hard, when you understand how people think.

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In Just 4 Weeks You Will Learn...

  1. Where to Find Potential Students

  2. How to Assess and Reassess

  3. How To Teach Them To See Results

  4. How to Keep Your Students For Life

In this 30-day bootcamp we won't just be talking. It's not just theory. You'll get homework assignments immediately, even before the official start, so you'll start to see results right from the get-go. Believe me, this process works. 

It doesn't have to take years to build a clientele, if you do the right things.


With the Skills You Learn In This Bootcamp

  • Your students will reliably come back each week for their scheduled session.
  • They will understand the benefit of their sessions with you and see results right from the start.
  • They will tell their friends and family about you and your schedule will fill itself, almost like magic, Pilates magic.

Here's How It Works

Each week there will be a live strategy call. Don't worry if you can't join us live, the recording will be available after each call, so you can catch the replay any time you like.  

Live or replay, you can comment, ask questions and interact with each other to understand and implement each lesson.

There will be homework after each call, to get you into action and see results.

How To Get Other People To Do The Selling For You

Many Pilates teachers (introverts or not) don't feel comfortable bragging about their skills or services. Luckily, there's a much better way to let your potential clients know about your value.


What are you waiting for?

This 30-day bootcamp

will transform your Pilates life!

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How To Think About Your Competition

Do you work in a saturated market? Are there too many Pilates studios in your area? New clients are hard to come by? 

On the other hand, maybe you have no competition, but your problem is that no-one knows and talks about Pilates in your area?

Watch the video to find out why sometimes a lot of competition is a good thing and very little competition can be a bad thing.

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Imagine How Much Easier ...

... your life would be in six months from now if your schedule was full, and you didn't have to worry about where your next student comes from. I can make teaching Pilates a rewarding full-time carrier for you.

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