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Pilates Career Coaching Testimonial

"I have a pandemic-proof business now!"

My business is focused. My programs are full for the term and I know that I will be teaching the same committed clients for the next few months so teaching is fulfilling. My clients are appreciative of me, of what I do, and what I can offer them. All the new clients that my business attracts are my ideal clients - they come to me for my specialty so I find that they are ready to commit their time and invest their money in my program.

Nadia Bustami
Love Pilates

Pilates Career Coaching Testimonial

"I'm getting concrete and actionable advice!"

Following the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I was facing unprecedented times. The new era of teaching online came with new and unfamiliar challenges. I was determined to save my studio, which is my long life’s work. Mara’s mentoring program opened the opportunity for me to connect and network with professional colleagues. Mara is a very good human being and highly knowledgeable. What I like most about her is the way she is thinking; she is very smart, offers concrete advice and actionable solutions based on her knowledge and experience as a Pilates instructor and studio owner.

Mara Iancovici
Mara Core Conditioning
(Newton, MA, US)

Pilates Career Coaching Testimonial

"I now have a timetable that works for me which includes a lunch break!"

Before starting Mara’s coaching program I was plodding along getting very frustrated with clients not being accountable. It was initially challenging for me to address certain areas that I had previously pushed under the carpet. I had to think about my ideal client. I now know who my ideal client is, I’ve designed a timetable that will work for both my in-studio and zoom clients. It incorporates a lunch break (which I didn’t have before) and time to still walk my dog. I’ve increased my prices and I’m just finishing my new website.

Rachael Taylor
Rachael Taylor Pilates

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