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Eccentric Glute Control in Standing Leg Pump

In Standing Leg Pump - Facing The Chair, it’s the glutes’ job to eccentrically control the pedal. Most students press down using their quad concentrically, but forget to control the pedal on the way up.

Further, if the glute on the side of the body with the foot on the pedal is not...

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Comparing Ankle Dorsi- and Plantar Flexion Exercises on Reformer, Trapeze Table and Chair

When your goal is to strengthen and correct your (student’s) feet and ankles, you have lots of apparatuses and exercises to choose from. But which would be best? Why should I do Footwork on the Trapeze Table instead of the Reformer? Let’s compare ankle dorsi- and plantar flexion...

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External Hip Rotation Exercises

This list includes exercises that improve external rotation of the hip joint either by lengthening the internal rotators or by strengthening the external rotators.

Trapeze Table
  • Hip Opener
  • Side Lying Leg Springs: Passé
  • Thighs in Straps (springs assist external rotation and...
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