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Understanding the Side Kick Series - Part 2: Movements of the Top Leg


If you've missed the first part of this series, you can find it here:

Side Kick Series: Part 1

After learning the most appropriate position for the side of your body that's touching the floor (bottom arm and leg), we will now look into the movements of the top leg.

The moving leg is the one that calls for your attention. We obviously notice it more.

But in Pilates, the work is in the part(s) of the body that is (are) not moving.

So instead of trying to make the leg movements as big as possible, we want to keep the spine as still and long as possible, maintaining it's natural curves.

Check out the video to get the inside scoop.

Leg Variations:

- Front and back (flexion and extension)

- Circles (circumduction)

- Up and down (abduction/adduction)

A few more tips:

- Think about keeping a long line from your sternum to your pubic bone.

- Keep a pocket of air under your side waist.

- Don't allow your shoulder and chest to counterbalance the swinging of the leg.


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