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Understanding the Differences in Side Kick Series Variations


The Side Kick Series is a set of traditional Pilates exercises that improve core stability, spine stability and hip strength. There are many different version of it out there. In today's video I'd like to explain how and why they are different from one another. So, when you see the exercise done differently, you won't be confused about which of them is right or wrong. They are just different.  The first step is to find the best variation for your body.  Once you know how to keep your spine still, variations are helpful to keep you from becoming passive or bored and provide a better challenge.

Let's Recap the Three Variations:

  1. Bottom legs in a straight line below the shoulders and head are most similar to your standing posture, just flipped onto your side.
  2. Bottom legs slightly angled forward (30-45 degrees) give you a wider base of support which gives you a better chance at stabilizing your spine.
  3. Both legs bent at 90/90 also gives you a wider base of support and it also takes tight hamstrings and hip flexors out of the picture, making it easier to control and stabilize your spine.

 Life is better with balance,

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