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Tower At Home

For one or two of my students, Tower is the single best exercise to release tension from their backs. But what to do if they don’t have a Trapeze Table at home, or can’t make it to the studio every single day?

The best alternative that I’ve come up (so far) is Bridging with Feet Up The Wall. Lie on your back, facing a wall (or locked door). Scoot close, and place your feet flat against the wall, hip-width apart. You’re at the perfect distance from the wall when your knees and hips are both bent 90 degrees. Start by rolling your pelvis towards your shoulders one vertebra at a time. Roll up until only your shoulder blades are touching the mat. Breathe into your back. Slowly roll back down, articulating your spine one vertebra at a time. Pay special attention to the areas of your spine, where a whole chunk of back comes down at once.

Do you have another idea for an at home version of Tower?


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