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Pilates Mat Exercises with the Magic Circle

at home mat May 20, 2020

As much as we love Pilates mat work on its own, adding props can be a fun way to add some variety. Depending on how you use them, they can make an exercise more challenging or they can assist you through challenging movements. 

The exercises below use a Magic Circle. Try them out and let me know in the comments which ones are your favorites!



  • Squeeze ring between knees 
    • Bridging
    • Table Top
  • One leg extended to the ceiling, foot in ring: 
    • Hamstring Stretch
    • Adductor Stretch
    • IT Band Stretch
  • Hold ring between ankles:
    • Lower and Lift
    • Double Leg stretch
    • Hundred
  • Slide legs into the ring, and hold it just above your ankles:
    • Lower and Lift
    • Double Leg Stretch
  • Hold ring between hands: 
    • Arm Arcs
    • Double Leg stretch


  • Hold ring between shins (just above ankles): Side Balance
  • Bottom leg inside ring, top leg on top of ring: 
    • Side Balance and push down with top leg
    • Side Balance and bottom leg lift
    • Side Balance and top leg half circles (hot potato over the ring)


  • Squeeze ring between one heel and buttock: pulses
  • Hold ring behind your back: 
    • Dart

Seated + Rolling

  • Hold ring with hands: 
    • Rolling Like a Ball
    • The Roll Up
    • Teaser
  • Squeeze ring between ankles: 
    • Open Leg Rocker
    • Assisted Roll up
  • Slide legs inside the ring:
    • Assisted Roll Up

Kneeling + Quadruped

  • Hold ring in hands: The Z
  • Push ups with ring under sternum


  • Squeeze ring between shins (just above ankles): 
    • Balance on one leg > add pulses
    • Heel Raises
  • Hold ring in hands: 
    • Arm Raises
    • Hold ring overhead > Side Bend
    • Squeeze in front of body with arms low
    • Squeeze in front of body with arms at shoulder height
    • Squeeze in front of the body with arms high
    • Squeeze behind the body with arms low (turn ring vertical)
  • Lift one leg forward, place the foot into the ring: One leg balance
  • Place ring on one shoulder: press down: Biceps curl
  • Place ring against the side of your hip: push inward



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